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    That said, the Virus is truly incomparable. With Aura Plug-Ins’ product, it continues to do what it was designed to do.

    I read through the whole indfo and setup guide and to me the Aura Plugin had:

    - a very convoluted setup which will probably not work for a number of users for various reasons

    - a suboptimal user experience with a GUI which doesn’t even come close to the original VC plugin (this is my major concern)

    - a rather high price considering the above

    Therefore I still have a strong urge to keep using the Access VC plugin. And also think Access Music is obligated to do something about this situation.

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a new virus Ti2 desktop, and am noticing that there is not the usual access logo on the wood panel. Does anyone know if Access stopped putting that logo on newer models, or if this may be some sort of quality control issue? =O=O

    I’ve never seen one with a logo on the wood panel. Why do you think it should be there?

    Maybe you can route the patch to Output 2 or Output 3 and feed it back using the input on the Virus? That way, you could have one patch for the dry synth and use another part that processes the input just for the FX and outputs it on Output 2 or 3.

    I thought of suggesting the same but then had the impression it would be too complicated and tedious. It would require either directly patching the analog outputs to the inputs, or doing an equivalent setup in the DAW for the digital inputs and outputs.

    Either way would introduce more or less latency for the effect patch which would be hard to compensate and potentially cause phase issues — which might be negligible for delay and reverb but not for other effects.

    However, this might indeed be the closest solution to what OP is looking for.

    The effects are part of the sound and therefore cannot be routed to a different output.

    To control the effects during mixing, it would probably be easier and more flexible to use a reverb and delay plugin in the DAW (though I admit the Virus FX have a special sound).

    Whether a sound easily fits into the mix or not is completely independent of the sorce (Virus or any other synth) is stereo or mono.

    It has more to do with the number, frequency range and complexity of all the elements in the mix. Having an understanding of the art of mixing helps to design (or adapt) all the sounds to fit together.

    Putting a wide stereo chorus on a sub is a recipe for sonic disaster (aka phase cancellation), while it can make a mono pad sound fit perfectly „around“ everything else.

    IMO, the Virus has a slightly dark sound and therefore is easy to mix anyway because there’s less clash of overtones in the high frequency range.

    BTW, I personally prefer to use LCR panning for all mono sources which leaves a lot of space in the stereo field for the Virus synth sounds.

    Virus TI offers 16 fully functional Parts. How many you can use simultaneously highly depends on the complexity of the Sounds. I managed to get up to 10 Parts working properly or with light sound degradation. It’s great while working on sound design, composition and arrangement. For finalizing and mixing, I prefer to record all the Parts, one by one.

    BTW, although I love my TI2, I cannot recommend to buy one at the moment since support for current operating systems is lacking and there is no information whether Access plans to change that.

    Great idea for a thread, but unfortunately I have very little to contribute because I almost never use any of the factory presets, hardly any presets at all. Naturally when I first got the Virus TI, I checked out the (insane amount) of ROM presets and startet preset collections of my favourites. Additionally, I downloaded all the free sound sets (there are a couple of real treasures out there!), and bought quite a few sound sets by Ultimate X Sounds which are a continuous source of inspiration and sometimes even are kept for the final arrangement.

    Looking through the personal preset libraries for my Cubase projects, I found a few factory presets which might have ended up in tracks:

    • TI1 ROM N004 - AirMonixM@ - A very nice music box (Spieluhr) type sound, which I like to layer with other similar sounds.
    • TI2 ROM B043 - FormerloBC - A dark distorted percussive lead
    • TI2 ROM C056 - LostLeadHS - A basic vocal/whistling lead with room
    • TI2 ROM C074 - Phloid HS - Pink Floyd "Echoes" effected piano sound which I totally love, but never used in a track
    • TI2 ROM H042 - Everest HS - An infinite rising/falling effect sound (Shepard tone)
    • TI2 ROM L002 - DarkmoonSV - A simple but effective moving pad

    There's certainly a couple of factory presets which I used as a starting point for a sound, but I don't remember which ones.

    And there are two patches from the free The Unfinished sound set, which I love and use quite often to combine with the aforementioned AirMonixM@:

    • TU101 - Secrets TU - A percussive bell
    • TU111 - TheCalmTU - A soft roomy bell

    BTW, D32 and K34 are great finds!

    Hmm so I did that–––and just got a link with RAM +1 +2 RAM 3+4 RAM 5+6

    How do I got to the user's private (hidden) library?
    My hard drive was backed up to Backblaze, so that's where my patches would be––

    How to go to the user library folder: In the macOS Finder, hold the option key, click on the "Go To" menu, and choose "Library" (which is only available if you hold the option key). But that probably wouldn't help either, because there is only a folder named "Cache" within ~/Library/Application Support/Access Music.

    On my system, my own patches are located at:

    ~/Documents/Access Music/Virus TI/Patches

    I don't remember whether this path was automatically created, or somehow configured in a setting. I assume it's automatically created. You should be able to easily find that path in your Backblaze backup.

    Fortunately, the hardware is quite reliable, and the TI software has been almost completely replaced by Aura Plugs.

    Sorry, but this is simply not true. The Virus Control Plugin is not fully replaced (the functionality is not reliable for quite a few users and the GUI of the Aura Plugins is less than desirable), and a replacement for the Virus Control application is completely missing.

    Access Music must do something about this situation since the Virus TI 2 is still on the market and not a legacy product.

    However, I'm not a new customer and I'm not living in a country which would support taking legal action against this kind of fraudulent behaviour (against a company in a different country).