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    Congratulations to your new acquisition!

    There are 4 different Mono modes available. They are described in the manual as follows:

    Quote from Virus TI Reference, p 35



    Key Mode

    Value Meaning
    Poly Polyphonic
    Mono 1 Monophonic, multi-trigger, full portamento
    Mono 2 Monophonic, multi-trigger, legato portamento
    Mono 3 Monophonic, single-trigger, full portamento
    Mono 4 Monophonic, single-trigger, legato portamento
    Hold Polyphonic. Notes are held until they are all released and a new note is played.

    Same Freezes Problem on my both Virus Ti2 Polar Keyboard and Ti2 Rack.

    What Virus TI OS are they running on?

    I just call bullshit

    I don't think so. I've experienced such freezes myself (especially on the Desktop), but they are gone since upgrading to TI OS Version

    Addidionally, I started to print/render audio in Cubase projects instead of having the Virus always play the sounds via MIDI tracks. That naturally also cut down on some of the more obscure timing and voice stealing problems I've experienced.

    Forgive me for being a noob on this subject but what exactly do you mean by symmetrical cables? You mean balanced cables right? I bought a set of ‘’Devine VA1015 XLR male - jack 6.3mm male stereo 1.5 meter’’ cables thinking these were the right ones since the salesclerk told me those were balanced but apparently they aren't. And stereo Jack you say? So you mean one stereo jack to two XLR ends?

    Should be one stereo Jack connector to one XLR connector. Looks like the cable is correct, however I can't tell you whether is trully wired as balanced cable.

    If you still have hum, then it's most probably not picked up by the cables but caused by a grounding issue. Whether the cause is your Virus (improbable) or any of your other connected gear is hard to tell from a far distance.

    I just hate the price tag on the thing and for the life of me I don't understand why they didn't release an editor with it.

    Maybe because Waldorf does not want be held responsible to maintain software drivers for it over several decades. (btw, Kyra has only 8 parts and is still on USB 2...)

    If you look around, Elektron is the only company that did something similar to TI (but still haven't managed to provide an official release after several years).

    To do real time MIDI and audio over USB 2 seems to be more difficult that expected (actually not really a surprise, given that USB is not designed for real time streaming).

    So... IMO the market is still vacant and waiting for the TI3 to happen.

    No argument from me regarding the false advertising. However, Access have not retracted that statement yet, and there's no official statment that there won't by any updates anymore.

    (However, I don't believe any types of "unlimited free whatever" advertising. Since Akai's MPC Live/X deception I don't even belive anymore the feature set advertised on the box such as size of built in RAM or CPU power)

    Regarding the driver update issue: The driver cannot be made open souce, because it is written by a 3rd party, which is in the process of updating it...

    now its going to become one of the most expensive paper weights ever created.

    The synth itself still works as well as any other (not integrated) synth if not better, doesn't it?

    If the synth with TI is that important to your musical work, then either keep a Mac with a compatible system around or switch over to Windows. After all, it's the Mac OS update that broke the synth, not vice versa.

    hell I wouldn't have even minded a few reasonably paid updates if that meant this company keeping someone around to keep working on these.

    I couldn't agree more to this! I happily shell out my share for each and every Cubase update to keep sailing smoothly, and would do the same for the Virus.

    frequency shifter Also as you know provides phase shift , for experiments with the stereo field , I leave the frequency dead Center , I don’t touch it , but instead just adjust the phase for suitable stereo images , great for basslines

    Cool. Although I'm always a bit wary of playing around with the phase of bass sounds... maybe I should be more brave ^^

    Any suggestions on setting it up for its full potential , for gating fx I usually go for gatekeeper

    Not really suggestions, since I just once used the Virus as an external effects uint to "atomize" a vocal sample to make it sound very robotic.

    It's actually more like a hardware version of the Polyverse/Infected Mushroom "I Wish" plugin or the NI Finger.

    For info, I've now moved to Catalina. VirusTi plug-in is obviously not working, but I'm going to continue with the Mystery Islands editor until and unless Access get things going.

    According to several posts by Marc , MIDI should work fine, which means you'd only have to get Audio back in via your RME Interface.

    There's another thread where sombody asked whether that would work. It would be nice if you could try and post back.