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    Is it possible to edit the step sequencer/arp matrix on the Virus hardware itself?

    Unfortunately not. You can only select from the factory patterns. Maybe you can find something close enough or equally inspiring.

    Alternatively, you could also try to use an LFO to control the OSC or PATCH volume.

    Quote from Virus TI Reference Manual, p. 125

    Config Menu Parameters

    This menu is opened by pressing the CONFIG button to the left of the display. It contains global parameters that determine how the entire Virus works. Configuration data does not have to be explicitly stored.



    Arp Note Send

    Off, On: Specifies whether the notes created by the arpeggiator will be sent to the MIDI output instead of the original played notes.

    Does that help?

    Have you considered taking legal action against Access Music? Their guise of “Total Integration” is nothing short of false advertising. Their support team have refused to comment on any intentions to resolve this in the future despite still producing the synth and selling it at a premium price.

    As already mentioned in another thread:

    ...the Virus TI still works great with Windows and as a standalone synth.

    Pretty difficult to take legal action because a more than ten year old product (the Virus TI) doesn't work with latest Apple software anymore, especially since Apple deliberately broke compatibility.

    That said, I'd also love to upgrade my Mac...

    Congratulations! 8):thumbup:

    If you are talking about using the USB outputs from within the Virus Control Plugin, you can set this configuration any time. AFAIR it’s on the Common page. You can then select the output for each Part individually.

    Does that help?

    There are only four RAM banks A to D. You’re missing ROM banks. I‘ve never before heard that the ROM memory chips could be physically removed.

    Since your Virus has been without battery for an extended period, maybe some of the information stored in memory has degraded. I‘d suggest to try a complete factory reset and OS update using the Virus Control application.

    If the ROM banks remain inaccessible, contact Access Support.

    I‘d recommend to make a full backup using the Virus Control application. Before taking out the battery.

    As for the change: I have never done this myself, so I can’t help. But you may find other threads maybe even with pictures about this issue.

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    I have a Ti Polar V1. Thought there was just DSP update and paint job, any converter update you know of

    Not to my knowledge. According to official info, the TI2 is mainly about dual DSPs. If they had upgraded the converters, I‘m sure it would have been mentioned in the marketing material!