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    Congratulations! 8):thumbup:

    If you are talking about using the USB outputs from within the Virus Control Plugin, you can set this configuration any time. AFAIR it’s on the Common page. You can then select the output for each Part individually.

    Does that help?

    There are only four RAM banks A to D. You’re missing ROM banks. I‘ve never before heard that the ROM memory chips could be physically removed.

    Since your Virus has been without battery for an extended period, maybe some of the information stored in memory has degraded. I‘d suggest to try a complete factory reset and OS update using the Virus Control application.

    If the ROM banks remain inaccessible, contact Access Support.

    I‘d recommend to make a full backup using the Virus Control application. Before taking out the battery.

    As for the change: I have never done this myself, so I can’t help. But you may find other threads maybe even with pictures about this issue.

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    I have a Ti Polar V1. Thought there was just DSP update and paint job, any converter update you know of

    Not to my knowledge. According to official info, the TI2 is mainly about dual DSPs. If they had upgraded the converters, I‘m sure it would have been mentioned in the marketing material!

    The example I mentioned is a patch OS 3.3.4 can identically make. My point is that midi timing of the exact same patch will remain solid in 3.3.4, even upping the unison to x8, while in 5.1.7 the timing starts being off even at 2x unison. Sure, because it's a heavy patch (intentionally so ), voice stealing will occur in both OS-ses, but in 3.3.4 voice stealing doesn't change the timing of the notes played, while in 5.1.7 it does.

    Yes, I understand you are talking about timing. Timing will shift if processing power is insufficient, because the calculation of a sound for a certain note has to be deferred until another sound is calculated. Maybe OS 3.3.4 does more aggressive note stealing instead.

    Try making a patch with 2 full hypersaws, the unison at x5 and then let your DAW play chords with more than 4 notes playing at the same time. In this circumstance 3 notes seems to be the limit before voice stealing starts to have an influence on the timing. (which it SHOULD NOT HAVE)

    That is just the nature of CPUs (DSPs) reaching their processing limit. Everything is always calculated in sequence and not in parallel. The more complex a sound, the more time it takes to calculate the waveform. At some point, you have to either defer some calculations or simplify them by degrading the audio signal. Both will happen on the Virus, with sound quality as priority. It seems that timing of Envelopes and LFOs is impacted first; I observed this behavior accidently when I had programmed a very short high pitched FM based tick sound, which became considerably "broader" and "imprecise" as more other sounds (basses and pads) where added.

    Earlier TI OS Versions had substantially less Oscillator complex types and Effects. I guess that has more to do with processing timing behavior than potential changes of the MIDI over USB timing.

    One of the best things about USB audio on a digital synth is listening to it through high end converters

    That's probably a plus, but the resolution of the digital signal via USB is rather limited (44.1kHz or 48kHz/16Bit) compared to what the TI2 uses internally (192kHz/24bit). Thus the Virus TI2 should offer much higher audio quality at the analog outputs, than what is actually possible from the digital signal via USB. Maybe what you perceived as "thin and brittle" is actually the additional top end crispness which is missing on the digital outputs.

    BTW, I find the 16 bit actually pretty limiting, since it clearly shows degradation on low volume signals such as releases or delays and reverb tails when boosted or highly compressed (OTT anyone ;) ). Therefore I always record all the Virus sounds over USB at maximum volume settings just to have enough headroom for later signal processing.

    I'm using two Exsys EX-1188HMS industry grade powered MTT USB 3.0 hubs for all my computer and music gear.

    They're quite costly, but seem to offer better USB performance and stability than other hub types.

    In my case the hubs are connected to a Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD which is connected via Thunderbolt to my 2013 MacBook Pro.

    Maybe you find a similar offering with USB-C connectors.

    No idea. I don’t expect anything to happen if the eleven of us write an email or open a support or sales request.

    Maybe spreading a rumor on various SM that the update can be bought directly from Access? If they get thousands of requests (which means hundreds of thousands euros income), that might be an incentive.

    But seriously. I have no idea...

    Marc would you mind to kindly share some thoughts?