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    AFAIK, Virus Control is only available as VST/AU plugin and not as a stand alone application. However, on MacOS X, you can use Apple MainStage as a AU host without sequencing and load the Virus Control AU therein. Works quite well (and MainStage has lots of cool features to offer for live performance, or just messing around with different pieces of equipment in your studio).


    I'm trying to fully restore a Virus Ti2 Desktop to factory settings, including the ROM banks. According to the manual addendum, the Virus Control Center ( offers the option "Restore Factory Settings" under the menu "Advanced" for that purpose. Then VCC recognizes the hardware as Ti2 Desktop and starts the process "Restoring Factory Settings" just fine.

    However, when it finished, the ROM banks contained not the sound sets for the Ti2 but for the Ti (Version 1). So it seems that VCC somehow confuses these two models.

    How can I achieve a full and correct restore of a Ti2?