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    Is it possible to modulate the phase of one oscillator, using the pitch and detune of another oscillator?

    IOW, how can I acheive the same effect as MASSIVE offers with the Modulation Oscillator, detuned and set to Mod Phase of OSC 1?

    If it only happens once, I generally assume to have changed the value without wanting to.... happened to me a couple of times alredy when I was busy changing parameters using the hardware and accessing the secondary function of an encoder by pressing shift at the wrong moment. Or maybe some other MIDI controller sent events that control Initial Phase on the Virus.... (I had something similar happening where the arp rate of the Sub 37 changed the pan/spread on the Virus... confused the hell outta me!)

    If the phenomenon happens again, repeatably, you'll probably find out why.

    I'm new to the Virus, so bear with me if I'm completely wrong but.... it sounds to me as if Common > Initial Phase is set differently for the two takes: The Live take sounds as if Initial Phase is Off, and the other take as if it is set to some value.

    Although it is possible to use the Arp pattern to control transposition, a dedicated step sequencer would be great indeed. A single sequence per patch would be sufficient for most applications, but it would be nice if different sequences could be triggered depending on the note range, for example.

    We currently use the Kirnu Cream plugin in MainStage to play sequences on any hardware or software synths:

    Has a great set of features, but its yet another piece of the technology puzzle to keep happy and thus it still would be nice to have the sequencer directly built into the Virus.

    I can get my Ti 2 Desktop to freeze pretty easily if I do the following:

    - go to preset/patch (e.g. ROM-A 22 DampPtchBC, a Mono Bass, but "works" with any patch)
    - press SHIFT-AUDITION for several seconds to hold the note
    - shift the octave
    - change to a different patch (the note of the first patch is still ringing)
    - audition the patch
    - change back to the first patch
    - press SHIFT-AUDITION --> the note will not stop anymore
    - press SHIFT-AUDTION for several seconds --> a second note is hanging
    - press SHIFT-AUDTION a couple of times, throw in a couple of octave shifts for good measure

    ---> Virus will suddenly stop all other sounds and put out at full volume what sound like a narrow pulse wave at the pitch of E3, no controls work anymore, device must be shut down.

    I wasn't able to force that condition on TI OS 5.0.8.

    First thing I did when I received my Virus TI2 Desktop was what I do with all my devices: Upgrade it to the latest OS version. But instead of having a great working machine after that, I'd always get hanging notes when playing patches that used Mono mode.

    The error was somehow random, but repeatable in that it would manifest itself after at most one minute of playing a lead or bass sound with lots of legato notes. Most of the time it would happen within a couple of seconds when holding a note (like a drone bass note) and then playing a line above it, so the the sound would always drop back to the first played note. Interesting enough, the note that gets stuck was not that first note, but some other random note.

    After downgrading to TI OS, I am no more experiencing any stuck or hanging notes when playing Mono mode patches.

    System Info: Virus TI2 Desktop, TI OS, Mac OS X 10.11.5, MainStage 3.2.4, Ableton Live 9.6

    AFAIK, Virus Control is only available as VST/AU plugin and not as a stand alone application. However, on MacOS X, you can use Apple MainStage as a AU host without sequencing and load the Virus Control AU therein. Works quite well (and MainStage has lots of cool features to offer for live performance, or just messing around with different pieces of equipment in your studio).


    I'm trying to fully restore a Virus Ti2 Desktop to factory settings, including the ROM banks. According to the manual addendum, the Virus Control Center ( offers the option "Restore Factory Settings" under the menu "Advanced" for that purpose. Then VCC recognizes the hardware as Ti2 Desktop and starts the process "Restoring Factory Settings" just fine.

    However, when it finished, the ROM banks contained not the sound sets for the Ti2 but for the Ti (Version 1). So it seems that VCC somehow confuses these two models.

    How can I achieve a full and correct restore of a Ti2?