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    Update: Access Support wrote me yesterday afternoon saying the unit needs to be serviced. :thumbdown:

    Last night I stumbled onto something interesting with the 'dead LFO' bug. The random patch generator seemed to 'unlock' this problem.

    To explain: since the last factory reset- the TI2 has gone several days with the LFO's working fine. However last night I used the random patch generator- and all the LFO's immediately went dead. I reloaded the init patch, and LFO's worked fine.

    After a few minutes of programming, the LFO's went 'dead' again (note I had not used the random patch generator this time). This happened again several minutes later on a custom patch I had made days ago (again not using the random patch generator).

    Tl;dr summary:
    - LFO's worked perfectly for several days after last factory reset.
    - "Randomize patch" on init sound makes LFO's go dead.
    - LFO's go dead on other patches 2 more times within minutes after the "randomize patch" feature is used.

    Hey UV,

    I am a mac user with very similar findings with my TI2. If I load an older session (Ableton): Simply having my virus plugged in via usb (not even using Virus Control) will cause a hard gray screen crash that automatically reboots the machine.

    However, having a brand new session with the TI2 plugged in- has never once caused a crash.

    This is the main reason I do not use the Virus Control plugin and have my virus wired like my 'regular' MIDI gear.
    I'm curious what the response will be for this one as well.

    That could be a bad Mod Wheel indeed. If you received that many broken units, I'd question Guitar Center's way of treating their merchandise! I've read pretty bad stories regarding guitars and basses.

    This most recent unit wasn't from Guitar Center, and shipped directly from Kemper. But I would still agree with you.

    OK. That's weird about the LFO's!

    Regarding the Delay: It's normal behavior -- When you have the Delay off, no parameters are available but as soon as you switch it on (Send amount) then it shows the pages available for that selected delay type.

    You are correct with the delay page behavior, thank you for explaining! I love operator error fixes.

    What really concerns me a lot is the mod wheel snapping up to 100% - because I'm nervous that is a hardware problem and perhaps not software. My first TI2 61 had 8 bad keys, the replacement guitar center ordered me arrived with a physically broken key (in factory sealed bag & carton), and now my 3rd unit having a mod wheel problem.

    And I agree-- the LFO bug is really weird.

    Have you experienced delays still working while global delay i disabled? I can't figure that one out.

    Is any other MIDI controller/device hooked up to the Virus? Does it happen standalone or when in USB mode? If in USB mode: Is a DAW running? Is Virus Control running?

    Great suggestion. Absolutely no MIDI or USB connections. This is happening in straight up 'standalone' mode with only audio connections to my interface -> speakers. I had grown suspicious about that myself, so disconnected all data and did another factory reset- only to find the problem still exists.

    I recorded video of the LFO bug here
    This video shows the LFO's returning back to normal after saving the patch. Previously- saving the patch with the LFO's gone 'dead', permanently wrote them into the patch that way- and they will not turn back on for that patch (which is a bummer because there was some cool mods happening :| )

    And was immediately able to get the missing parameter page on video

    The only thing I didn't get last night was the mod wheel snapping up to 100%. But oddly enough I caught a new bug:

    Global delays were disabled, yet delay was still working on individual patches. is definitely going on with this machine.

    Try to put VC in Live mode (button in lower left corner).
    However, I don't think VC should have any impact on MIDI Out timing... (need to try myself)

    Wow thank you! I've never even noticed that button before. Any information you can share on what live mode is all about? I'm searching the manual for the word "Live" and can find no mention of it.

    So in order the play your other hardware from your Virus keyboard, you must route the Virus Synth In to the Virus Midi Out from your software.

    I'm sorry for the delay. This is correct, but somehow routing MIDI thru my DAW while Virus Control is on, adds an extreme, unusable amount of latency. More latency than using the virus via MIDI through my interface without Virus Control on. Very strange. Also I have searched for the '2 midi ports' over usb you mention, and can not find that setting anywhere inside VC.

    Simply requesting the feature: Let MIDI out work while connected to USB, please!

    Hello all. My TI2 (61 Key) OS is acting strange. Here is exactly what I wrote to Access support:

    I am on my 2nd TI2, 61 key synth that is not working properly. The machine is acting strange and does 3 bizarre things repeatedly:

    1) The LFO's stop working. I will be making a sound with the LFO's working perfectly fine. Then all of a sudden all 3 LFO's will either go totally dark / off, or will all start pulsing at the same rate which can no longer be changed. If I leave the patch and go back, the LFO's will 'snap' back to life as if nothing was wrong. But if I save the patch while the LFO's go dead, they will not turn back on again.

    SOLVED: 2) Pages for effect settings go missing. IE: Delay edit has 3-4 pages to cycle through where I can edit parameters: Time, Feedback, Color, modulation, etc. Several times the Delay edit has only opened up 1 page, and am not able to edit all the parameters. This does not change from patch to patch and I have to power cycle the unit to get it back to "normal".
    SOLVED- If send is turned down pages will not be available.

    3) The mod wheel, at random, will snap to 100%. This will happen no matter where the wheel is set to. At some point it will turn itself up to maximum, instantly. A factory reset stopped this from happening for just about 1 week, but it happened again yesterday.

    Are there any logical explanations for these things happening? Are these known bugs? I have searched on the forums and can not find mention of these happening to anyone else. My 1st virus had a keybed issue where the same 8 keys kept going out, which required it to be on repair for 8 out of the 10 weeks I owned the machine (4 separate repairs). I really hope there is a logical explanation to these things, I'm starting to lack confidence in this synth. :(

    EDIT: Jan 13th, 2017:
    Simply requesting the feature: Let MIDI out work while connected to USB, please!

    Thank you mitchiemash for explaining how to do this below. I still would love to see the MIDI connections work on the virus without having to setup routing thru my DAW. Could this be a global parameter option? My menu free OB6 even has a MIDI option for "USB, MIDI, or Both" I like to believe if an analog synth can do it, a digital synth can have this option added on.

    Not even 48 hours back from repair and the exact same thing happened with the same 8 keys :-/

    I appreciate the comments to help, thank you. However it still under warranty and I'm not comfortable breaking the seal to open the unit. This is going to be the 3rd repair for the same thing in 10 weeks. ||

    Hello everyone,

    8 middle keys stopped working on my TI2, 61 (out of the blue). Specifically keys G#3 - D#4. Current Virus OS is I have successfully reinstalled the OS through the control center, as well as done a "Arp/Edit" factory reset. Neither of these things helped so far. The 8 keys in question also do not work in 'standalone' mode playing the virus, or in USB mode as a controller, and also do not output anything via midi. I am stuck and do not know what to do. Has anyone encountered this before? Any workaround? I found this post from January 2016 with no solution posted. I opted to post a new forum vs necroing an old thread.

    Any ides or solutions are greatly appreciated!…Bnot%2Bworking&#post30987