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    Thanks for your response GarsuMene , I'm relieved it isn't just me!! My concern was it is hearing damage loud. Interesting you are using an RME interface too. It is stable with MIDI and audio cables but I haven't got the plugin then so that's not ideal. My SPDIF's are optical so I can't use your fix. I'll try going back to USB and configure audio over the audio outs rather than USB.

    I might have an experiment with Ice9 plugin on the Cubase outputs to set a max dB level too.

    Been using my TI2 in Cubase for a few years now and this issue has always been around for me but seems worse in Cubase 10 Pro.

    I'm running the Virus with audio over USB, Windows 10 64 bit PC. Without any warning I'm getting a deafening burst of white noise, audio clipping on Cubase outputs and MIDI signal maxed out. The peaking meters stay stuck for around 10 - 15 seconds and then suddenly stops. I use a Fireface 802 and a few seconds after the white noise stops the normal audio resumes. The white noise is at a painful volume even though the audio in Cubase is at a low level. Any ideas?

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a self confessed synth music nut and I have just pulled the trigger on buying a TI2 Keyboard. It arrived first thing this morning (I'm in the UK) and I think it's brill. It's got the best keybed of any synth I've played. It's complex but dead easy to use