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    I´m considering selling my ti desktop to get a ti2 desktop.
    I´ve read that ti2 is lighter, but there is no real information on the web that supports that statement.

    On access site it shows that the ti 2009 version weights 3.4 Kg (7.2lb), but the picture is from a ti2. And there is no other information regarding the weight of t2.

    Anyone knows anything about this?

    That´s actually the option i´m trying to avoid. So I don´t have to measure each of 200+ patches before adjusting the gain in the mix, then adjust the gain in the mix by -14db, and then adjust every patch to match the measure.
    I mean, I was just trying to find a faster one (ej, a conversion table between patch vol and db). But I guess that would be kind of hard, as for my tests it seems that there is no linear relationship between them.
    Thanks for your help.

    I use my virus ti for composing and playing live.
    I create all my patches from an empty one. I don´t use presets.
    I realized that all my patches are too quiet (really quiet compared to presets), and that makes me amplify the virus on my mixer, resultin in lots of noise from the virus amplified.
    So I want to turn down my mixer amplification by 14 db, and compensate by tuning up the patch volume on each of my patches (more than 200), but I don´t seem to find an easy way to do that. On some, 20 units seems to do it, on some other 20 units doesn´t seem to get me half to where they should be.

    Any ideas?

    Hi all,
    I use my Virus TI Desktop in sequencer mode with a "Sequentix Cirklon" sequencer.
    I play live. Each of my songs song contains a programs for each of the first 8 parts, and they are all being recalled (song by song) by my sequencer (sending program changes to each part).
    Also, when I modify a program on any part, I press store 3 times to save the changes of that program, and that´s it. Simple and effective.

    But my virus is not remembering my output settings after switching the unit off. I contacted support and they suggest me to switch to multi-mode.

    I´ve been reading the manual and the forum, but I still don´t understand how can I switch to multi-mode while keeping my current workflow. My questions are:
    1- Should I use one multi program for my entire live set? And then simply send program changes to each part of this single multi program?
    2- How can I save the changes I make to each program on each part? Pressing Store in multi-mode leads me to save the multi-program, not the individual program on that part.

    Any help on this will be appreciated,

    Its as simple as the subject. When i create a patch with portamento, some times it sounds like a zap sound. Like if the last note was a really high pitched one, and the one that I actually play starts from there.
    This doesn´t happen if i turn down the portamento.

    I´ve found 2 threads about this issue, but none of them has an answer to this problem. One suggest to change the mono mode (but i´m in poly, don´t want to switch to mono), the other one recommends contacting access support:…ento%2Bproblem&#post18428…ento%2Bproblem&#post25814

    I use my TI on hardware mode (no USB, no Virus Control).
    I assigned Part 1 to go out on Output 2 L.
    Most of the times, after i put my TI to sleep, and then the next day i turn it on again, the sound of Part 1 is coming out from Output 1 L+R.
    If i enter the settings, the Output 2 L is still selected, but not working. So I have to go switch the setting to another output and back to 2L to make it work again.
    This doens´t happen if I put the unit to sleep and i wake it after a short while. It seems to happen after i let it sleep some time.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks again for your help !

    As soon as I talk to the mic, the vocoder comes back. And some seconds afer I stop talking, the synth starts sounding again.

    Its like a compressor with a long release... Activated by the MIC input. And after some time with no imput, then the synth starts sounding again.

    I searched all over for videos with vocoder, couldn´t find any.

    Btw, I tried it both using only the hardware, and also as a plugin (anyway, I never use my virus this way).

    Thanks GES.
    1- You a re right. I inverted the names. Carrier is the synth, modulator ys the voice/mic.
    2- Let me explain it again (sorry, but English is not my main language): When I play a chord and talk to the mic, then I hear my voice with a vocoder effects. Then I stop talking, but I keep playing a chord, and I hear nothing. After some seconds, I keep playing a chord (and still not talking) and suddenly I start hearing the synth by itself.

    I tried creating a patch from scratch, and also using the VOC patches that came with the Virus TI. All got the same effect.
    And the problem with this, is that I can´t shoot a midi loop and stop using the MIC, because after some time I start hearing the synth by itself.

    Am I clear now?
    Is this the normal behaviour
    Thanks again!

    I´m trying to use vocoder for the first time now (i´ve been using virus ti for almost a year, and never tryied it).
    The problem is that if I dont talk to the MIC for around 10 seconds, then the modulator (aka synth itself) starts to sound.
    Off course, thats not what I need. I need the vocoder to sound only when the carrier (aka my voice) is sending some signal.

    Is this the normal behaviour on the virus ti? Or i´m making something wrong?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance !