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    Hi, thanks for your help.

    All the sounds are played with midi (piano roll), I never use the arp.

    You should hear that the chord is not playing 100% in time, I mean it sounds a little bit like a swing effect.

    Hi !
    Recently I decided to use my Virus TI without TI, cause TI is not working for me, and because, I should have 100% safety without TI (I mean, not having crash/latency, etc.)

    So, I bought a soundcard (Roland Quad Capture) and a software (VirusHC in order to edit my Virus TI2 faster).

    Problem : when recording, I have a delay of the playback for ANY track of the virus. But I think it is a problem related to FL Studio 12 wich I use, and not the TI.

    But the real problem is it : even without TI (no usb, just midi cables) I still have latency when playing my Virus.

    I just recorded it, to give you an example :

    There is short delay between the notes, how is it possible, since I don't use usb ?

    Also, I am not sure, but it looks like the problem appear while using hypersaw.

    For example, before recording the arp, I tried with a simple sine wave, and it was playing in time, but with hypersaw it sound not synchronized.

    Thanks for your help !!

    Hi ! I officially bought a Roland UA55 Quad-Capture interface.

    As Marc said that SPDIF = no quality loss, I bought co axial cable.

    So, here is how I connected with the coaxial cable : VIRUS TI SPDIF Out >>> Interface IN 3/4.

    Is it correct ?

    Should I be able to record the virus with it ? Or do I need midi cables also ?

    Thanks !

    Hi Marc, thanks for your answer.

    I don't understand what you mean with S/PDIF. What is it exactly ? How can I use it ?

    You mean that by connecting the Virus to the interface using SPDIF there will be no loss ?

    But from the interface to the computer, there would be loss, no ?

    Thanks !

    Hi, I stoped musical activity during months.
    I use windows 7 64 bit with a pc
    Now, since yesterday I try to use my TI2, but it is not recognized anymore by my computer.

    I used the motherboard usb ports before and it worked nicely.

    Now in the Virus control center it say that no virus is found.

    I of course tried to fix it with the process (shut down, press exit, etc.) but it didn't worked.

    If I plug my virus into the facade of my computer tower, the Virus is immediately recognized, but when plugged into the facade, the virus makes my computer crashing every 5 minutes.

    So, what sould I do to solve the problem.

    Does an usb hub or a usb pci card would make it working ?

    "i can't really comment on the interface' quality since I never worked with it. But you probably know that the Virus transmits via USB and the quality of the transmission is totally independent of the interface used?"

    What do you mean ? Yes the Virus transmit via USB but only while using the TI mode. If you want to record the virus like in the old time you need an interface unfortunately.

    Hi ! Despite I love the Virus TI, I always have trouble to use it through usb mode.

    I would like to use it within an audio interface.

    But, I learned that the best quality would come from the usb mode.

    I have an Alpha Lexicon soundcard (but not yet the cables), I would like to know if it is good for a Virus TI.
    Will I loose quality with it ?

    Thanks !!


    I would like to sample my virus with some sample automation plugins (like DirectWave for example).

    It's a plugin that will detect all then notes of the vst and convert them into .wav files.

    But, when I try to do it, I record .wav files, but they are empty !

    There is no sound from it, so the plugin fail to get the sound of the Virus.

    Someone can help me ?

    Thanks !

    Hi ! I'm using a Virus TI Snow with Windows 7 64, with FL Studio 12.

    I have no problem about latency etc, but just that after 5 minutes, my TI makes my computer freezing (no bsod).

    Do you know what it is ? And have you ever solved it ?

    Thanks !