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    I would love to use my laptop as storage and recall of my presets while not using it as a DAW. Basically, the virus would have two MIDI in's from an external sequencer (Squarp Pyramid) and preset recall from my laptop via USB. Is this even possible... am I not setting up the Virus TI2 up properly? It only seems capable of one or the other.


    FYI I've been testing out the VIRUS|HC Editor and I love it. Seems to be more sponsive and less crash prone than Access TI plugin. I've been testing it in standalone mode with the free MIDIHOST MODULAR App and also Logic Studio but still run into a few bugs that I think are hardware based Virus issue.


    This is why I've always had a dedicated computer for music because audio plug-in developers are always behind. Sometimes I think the slow rollout culture came from ProTools, Emagic and other early DAWS.
    NEVER UPDATE. If it works, don't upgrade!

    Crazy that this is still an issue. I'm having the same problem but years later. Im running Logic 10.2.4 with a Virus Ti2

    Maybe I'm missing something here but I haven't found the solution.

    I'm using an Elektron Octatrack to play the midi which works fine. But when I use the Logic Virus plugin only the odd channels produce sound.

    I really wish for an iPad standalone app or something to program the Virus so I don't have to use a computer for intense programming. I'd pay $20 for the darn app.

    Please help!
    Thanks in advance.