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    i don't think it would be in the interest of the vast majority of the Virus TI user base to release separate OS versions for the Virus TI 1 and TI 2 series. in fact, we are damn proud that we can offer free support and feature updates for a product which first became available seven years ago. but it would be hard to justify new features (and development costs towards it) for a discontinued product like the TI1 if we wouldn't develop for the TI2 at the same time. we are 100% privately held, we have no investors. if we would, those things might be different.

    best, marc

    Hi marc i no what your saying, it was a stupid thread to start but if im honest it was a rant more then anything, because the rediculous offers i been getting for the white one.

    I don't think there is any great reason for Access to do so, if only because, if I recall correctly, they've already said they won't do so, and thus doing so would probably anger many TI owners.
    Beyond that, it makes little sense from their point of view - as you've said, there is very little difference between the TI and the TI2. From the perspective of software development, it's more convenient and cost effective to work on one piece of code, e.g. an OS for the TI and the TI2, than to work on two, particularly when they are basically the same device.
    Would your suggestion really boost their sales? I believe a lot of Access's success has been because people know they are a reliable company that supports their products - that kind of reputation is hard to earn, and I don't think Access would benefit in the long run from the damage abandoning the TI would likely do them.
    Also, when the TI3 comes out (assuming it does, as it hasn't even been announced that I'm aware of), we can probably continue to expect updates to the TI2, Access supports their synths. I'm sure you could find many other companies out there that do not, and their forums are probably filled with tears. If you prefer your synths to be forgotten by their makers, though, perhaps that is the place for you. Alternatively, you may want to consider your purchases more carefully in the future so you avoid the situation you are currently in. It is nice that you are suggesting Access should screw over all the TI owners because it would benefit you; I own a TI2, but I still think that's a bit sad to see.

    No i was not suggesting screw over all Ti1 owners i was suggesting separating the two. I was always under the impression and im sure i was not the only one that aventully the Ti2 would have more than just 25% more dsp over the Ti1given Accesses history e.g. A vs B, B vs C, C vs Ti, Ti vs samething. If you check the spec's of those older models you will see that each time they brought out a new model it had a lot more to be desired then just 25% dsp. You also said at the start of your message that you dont think there is any great reason for Access to do so. Well think how many Ti owners have thought no point upgrading to the 2 its the same as the 1 or people thinking of buying a virus that have googled Ti1 vs Ti2 only to realise there the same and thought f**k paying that for a new one i can get a Ti1 off ebay for £800 and the Ti2 wont have nothing over me. You also said it wouldn't be very cost effective for Access to work on a OS for the Ti1 and a OS for the Ti2, how cost effective would it of been for Access if we all stayed on the Ti1 after all they are the same. I say there the same coz 25% more dsp is not worth mentioning to me, when i brought my Ti2 i still had my Ti1 for about 4 months after and i did put that extra dsp to the test, but i didn't notice any difference neither or them could run more then 4 parts at once.. And you say a reliable company that supports all there products, The virus A hasn't seen a update in 2 and a half years The virus B hasn't seen a update in 4 years and the C more then 2 years. I'm not knocking Access im just replying back to what you wrote, I think Access is a Brilliant company and very loyal and ive supported them from the B, you say i can find many companys that dont support there synth's, yeah course my NL3 hasn't seen an update in years neuther has my moog voyager, nor my prophet or any of my other synth's but thats probably because all the bugs have been ironed out. Sorry for offending any Ti1 owners, i dont think its right you could go out buy a new Ti2 own it 2 months and be lucky if its worth a £100 more then a Ti1 that could be 6/7 years old...

    John, do I get this right? You want Access to stop supporting the TI1 because you want to sell your TI2 for a higher price? You attitude matches the business practice that people hate NI for, for example. Access' customers are happy, because there is long term support you can rely on. Features being added.
    I think twice before buying or using a plugin. You never know when it might be discontinued and as soon as a new OS or CPU generation (in case of Macs) comes out, you're left with a corpse on your hard drive. (Anyone counted the plugins that Steinberg released and killed over the years?) This is not any better than having old analogue synths or other gear that will break sooner or later and if you can't repair it – bad luck. I thought the digital revolution would make us a bit more future-proof than that. Good companies take care of this.

    No you got it wrong, basicly what i said was still support the TI1 but bring out some updates for the TI2 only. To separate the two. I would never say stop supporting the TI1..

    Hi, dose anybody no when Access will separate the Ti2 from the Ti1? Because trying to resell a used Ti2 at a resonable price sucks, people think why buy the Ti2 when the Ti1 can do the same thing just 25% more dsp. Ive just replaced my Ti2 polar which i brought new with one of the last dark stars which i brought new, and trying to resell the white one at a desent price is a nightmare i think separating the 2 with OS5 would boost there sales . they have supported the Ti1 for 7 years now adding new extras with updates why cant they separate the 2, like add the new extras only to the Ti2 but still support the Ti1 so it still runs smooth with computer OS and daw updates. If there ever is a Ti3 next time ill wait till it parts from the 2.. ?( Thanks John..

    Hi Andy, thanks for the reply i did try that but it doesn't sound even close, i here what your saying though there is a kinda fast filter sweap at the start of each note and it sounds like an upwards arp and quite a wet delay. Heres the settings for my attempt.....

    Osc1 formant complex
    wavetable Sqr series
    wavetable index = 0
    F-Shift 0
    F-spread 0
    Detune 50
    Interpol 127
    Osc Pitch 0

    Filter 1 low pass
    Cutoff 0
    Filter Res 27
    Filter Bal 0
    Env Amt 100
    Env Att 27
    Env sus 100
    Env Rel 20

    Amp Env
    Att 40
    sus 100
    Slop -49
    Rel 10

    Filter 2 High Pass
    Cutoff 36

    Lfo 1
    Rate 30
    Lfo wave 14
    Trg Phase 1
    Contour -64

    Lfo 2
    Rate 63
    Lfo wave Triangle
    Trg Phase 1
    Env Mode on
    Lfo 2 Assign Osc 1 WT Index Assign Amount 100

    Mod Matrix
    source Lfo 1 Bipolar
    Slot 1 Amount -64 set to Osc 1 F shift
    if you do try this set virus keyboard transpose -24 and play the lowest G
    and play very short notes

    These are just ruff settings but it does kinda sound like it..... Thanks John