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    I can no longer reproduce this. It might have disappeared when I repeatedly reinstalled the OS and even did a factory reset in between the reinstalls. And yesterday I also downgraded to 5.1.1 and so far I haven't experienced any crash or other bugs except notes sometimes not playing on time when I heavily tax the DSPs and polyphony is exhausted

    I now doubt my test results, it's possible voice stealing still occurred without me noticing if the virus just lowered the actual played unison voice count. I will attempt a different testing method without using unison to detect voice stealing

    can you post a recording of the demosong and indicate where you think the sounds are missing?

    with very complex sounds and unison=8 I believe it might possible to exhaust the TI1 polyphony with just a couple of notes

    also note from VTI2 addendum 45201:


    Patch Complexity Indicator

    The playmode page on the Virus TI hardware contains a new icon which informs you about the complexity of the current patch. The complexity is an indicator of the polyphony at your disposal whilst playing this particular patch. The icon, which looks similar to the battery status icon on your mobile phone, shows between one and five bars where one bar stands for a rather “cheap” sound and five for a pretty “expensive” one.

    and the Virust TI Quickstart:


    Level 5

    Patches using e.g. the Grain or Formant oscillators, several mod routings, lots of effects and the Analog 1-4 pole filter can achieve between about 20 – 28 voices.

    they are remembered as the video shows, they are just not applied when I start the virus already in multi mode. When I reload the stored multi program the settings are then applied. I'm just curious whether this is an OS bug or it's just my defective unit acting up

    have you tried "Chan Pressure"?

    wait that's probably not polyphonic?

    [edit] OK I see it now, the manual says:



    Also called Polyphonic Aftertouch or Key Pressure. Independant MIDI data relative to the pressure applied to keys on a keyboard. Rarely implemented because pressing on several keys at once can result in too much MIDI data for a system to handle. In the Virus, this data format is used for a purpose not intended by the original MIDI specifications – as a supplement or alternative to System Exclusive (Sysex) data. See also Channel Pressure

    currently when envelope 3 is assigned to modulate per-part effects like the "FreqShifter Freq" it has no effect and the explanation was in 2011 that env3 is per-voice, but effects are per-part. However LFOs even when in poly mode are able to modulate FreqShifter Freq. But even if making it possible in poly mode would be so difficult, could it be made possible at least in mono mode please?

    could someone please try to reproduce this on their TI2?

    in multi mode set the part panning to +63 (shift+edit = "multi edit"), save the multi program, check whether the panning works (eg. by triggering a note from that part) and then unplug (turn off) the virus. Plug it back (turn it on) again, trigger a note from that part and listen whether the panning is applied or the sound is centered

    After startup the virus ti2 in multi mode doesn't apply the part volume +63 and part panning to right +63 (if the audio was panned to right +63 it wouldn't be audible because only the left channel is recorded). Each setting is only applied after the knob is wiggled

    BTW I performed a reset of the unit just a couple of days ago

    If I'm doing my test correctly this odd/even part dsp balancing in multi mode no longer seems to be the case (I haven't tested the seq mode yet) on TI2 5.1.7. (At least when effects are not used) I seem to be able to achieve around 84 voices in one odd-numbered part before I hear a low priority note being stolen from an even-numbered part.

    it works normally when I change the sustain level (you can see it in the video at 0:30)

    I also wonder if the reset would help, but I'd like to backup my work before I do that. But anyway that would just mask the bug I think. The original cause would still remain in the OS, wouldn't it?
    But mostly I'd be interested if someone with a TI/TI2 tried to reproduce it with a positive or negative result

    when holding a note and changing amp envelope sustain level the virus starts to slowly modulate the volume to zero and back cyclically. Can anyone reproduce it on their TI? Example demonstration vid:

    - the same happens if I change the amp env sustain using a softknob and matrix assignment instead of using the amp env sustain knob

    - only 1 oscillator used
    - sustain slope is 0
    - no modulation in matrix or LFOs, no effects, no filters
    - works normally if I don't change the amp env sustain

    you should be able to disable this behavior in the arturia midi control center when you connect the keystep to a computer (try transport mode = off)