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    Hey, folks,

    I use a lot of split keyboard multis, and would like to have it so the pitch wheel can be disabled for some, but not all of them. I think there's a way to do that with the mod wheel, is there a way to do that with the pitch wheel? Thanks.

    I'd love this, but we can't even seem to get any sort of major update that doesn't just focus on bug fixes. I think the ship has sailed, in terms of getting any new or modern features for the TI.


    I've had my Virus for about a year, but have mostly been a preset user, but I'm learning more about sound design and one of the ways I'm doing this is by just tweaking presets. There's a particular soft lead patch I'm using, and I'd like to change it so the attack envelope retriggers every time I press a key (I'm pretty sure it's the amplitude, and not one of the filters, but not positive). Either way, what setting do I want to look for to change it? The reason I want to change is because if I'm playing a series of notes, after a few, they get less present, due to the envelope not retriggering with every note. Is it one particular setting or a combination of settings that do that?


    I know we've all said this, a million times before. They are still selling Viruses, new Viruses, at a premium price. They should still be supporting and updating them. Even though the TI2 is 8 years old now, someone buying a new one is basically stuck with whatever came out last year, and that's it. I wish Access would at least put one more effort into a big update, especially considering those of us who've just bought one in the last few years.

    Okay, this is starting to make sense. I don't need to use VC with Seq mode, right? I don't want to use the USB, at all.

    In reference to "Bank = 5, Pgm = 3"... do the bank numbers start with the RAM's or ROM's? Would "Bank = 5, Pgm = 3" be the third program.
    of ROM A?

    What would I do differently if I wanted to use Multimode instead of seq mode? Because what I might want to do is, since I have my keyboard set up split over three channels, be able to set up channels 1-3 as things I could use live, with channels 4 and up triggered by the sequencer. There's no way to do that in seq mode, is there?

    Hi, folks.

    I'm trying different methods of recording/performing with Ableton right now, and one thing I'm trying is, instead of the USB/VST, I'm recording a midi track just using the midi out on the Virus, and then I have Ableton send to the Virus and have the Virus play. I've been able to do it on a single, but I'm not sure about how to configure my Virus so it can also send the patch data and such, so when I play the midi back to the virus, it automatically pulls up the right patch. Is there a way to do that? I wasn't even sure where to look in the manual, but I'm hoping, if I can, I just need to tweak a few things in the config. Any ideas?


    I have a hardware only studio with over ten pieces of gear that I can sync in one fashion or another, all fed through (2) linked Roland Studio Captures via USB to PC. I generally keep sync'd gear to (3) units (rhythms/arps) and agree that the most stable piece you have should be the master. That Motu unit above is nice and I use an old school Roland A880 Midi Patch Bay which allows (8) combinations of In's/Out's, but again (3) units is usually max to hold sync and even that depends on the gear (e.g. Yamaha EX5R is awesome sounding kit but lousy midi clock)...


    Would a patch bay be a better idea than a midi merge and a midi thru box?

    I don't know... to be perfectly honest, I don't know what that is. Still somewhat of a noob.

    The tempo issue isn't a problem, as I don't generally play anything outside of those ranges. The only reason I used the Virus as the master is due to just having the 1 midi in. Is there a way to use the Midi thru to receive a signal for sync.</p>



    <p>Really? How are the Common &gt; Smooth Mode settings on the patch you tested it with?</p>

    <p>BTW, using the Virus as your clock source also limits the available tempo to 63-190 BPM. Therefore I'd use the sound module or synth with the best input capabilities and most stable clock as clock source. And depends highly on your use...


    Hey, folks, like a lot of you, I can't stop acquiring new gear. :thumbup: Here's what I have, so far:

    TI2 Desktop
    Kork Minilogue
    Roland Aira TR-8
    Focusrite Scarlett, for recording and using softsynths.
    Eventide H9 pedal
    Infinity Looper Pedal

    All of these have a midi in/out, and the TI2 has a Midi Thru, too. What would be the best way to sync all of these? I'm thinking some sort of merge/split option. I need to be able to use the Midi in on the TI with the controller I'm using, so I'm not quite sure as to what the best way to proceed would be to get everything in sync? The last two on the list (the pedals) might not always be used, so they can't be the source of the clock. Also, sometimes, I may not be using the softsynths, so the Focusrite probably shouldn't be the clock source, either. Suggestions, particularly ones that won't be too expensive? I do notice that using the TI as a clock source makes it kind of laggy when turning knobs or changing presets.

    Thank in advance.

    I have it set up for three so that when I use different arpeggiators, they don't affect each other, but I guess I never really even knew I could just go ahead and set it up that way.

    No need for the external keyboard to have that capability. It's all inside the Virus itself! You can restrict the note ranges for a Part. So you can set your parts as follows:

    MIDI Channel
    Key Range
    Part 1 (Bass) 1 C1 - B1
    Part 2 (Pad) 1 C2 - B2
    Part 3 (Lead) 1 C3 - B3

    all within the Virus' Multi Edit and be able to play bass, pad, and leads from different octaves of your external (or internal) keyboard.

    He means you can map several sounds across your keyboard, if your keyboard has key splitting capabilities by channel. So, say you wanted range C2-B4 on channel 1 triggering one sound, C5-B7 channel 2 with another sound, etc. I have my multis set up for three different parts on my keys.

    You know what'd be awesome (asking because I haven't found a way to do this)... a global tempo for singles. So many times, I'm playing live and want to change patches, but can't just do it on the fly, because I have to re-tap the tempo. This would be pretty easy to do, I'd think.

    Still holding out hope for one more massive update!

    I've had my new TI2 desktop for a few months now, love it, but I've noticed that the last few times I've played, I get a random click in the middle of whatever I"m playing. It doesn't matter which outputs it comes out of (I'm not using it in VC mode). Just a random click, slightly audible but definitely noticeable. Doesn't matter if it's on single or multi, either. Any ideas?