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    I actually figured out that the best way to do this is to divide the controller into zones (if one has the ability to do so), with the different zones on different midi channels. Then, the signals don't get crossed. Problem solved.

    Hi, folks...

    After figuring out how to set up multis, I went and made a few. Two had two different arpeggios mapped out to different sections of the keyboard, on the same channel. It's kind of creating a difficulty, because when I play two different arps in different sections, I think the Virus is seeing them as the same, as if, for example, I have hold on, and I have an arpeggio going, and then I trigger on in a different section, it stops playing the first one, so even though it's using two different patches, I think it's seeing one input. Is there a way to fix this while keeping them on the same channel, or do I have to somehow map one of them to a different channel?


    Hi, I just realized I've been posting a bunch of questions and forgot to come in here and say hi.

    I just got my TI2 Desktop... my first non-softsynth foray into synths is the recently-bought Korg Minilogue, but I wanted deeper, richer stuff, so I got this. In my current project, I play bass and guitar through a big pedal board, and also do synths, as well as loopers, so I can't wait to get this in the mix. Right now I'm just learning the basics with the menus, organizing presets and such, and then I'm going to get into the sound design aspect, of which I have a lot to learn.

    Hi, folks, another noob question, here.

    I use my TI Desktop with a keyboard controller, but I also want to have it synced with my Korg Minilogue with the TI being the Master (although, if not possible, I can also use the ML for the master). The ML doesn't have a MIDI thru port, just in and out. The controller I use for the Virus just has outs. Is there a way I can still do this? Would I sent the out of the Minilogue into the MIDI thru? Please note, I'm not talking about how to do this with a DAW, I'm talking about for a live situation.


    I'm sure that other people probably have mentioned these before, but two things that'd be great:

    A standalone version of TI/Control would be awesome, as often, I just want to do some patch editing, and not have to go through the whole DAW process.

    Also, I've read the threads about how multi editing in VC would be difficult, but how about some way to at least view them or save them offline?

    Hold mode is available, both in VC or on the keyboard.

    Patch tempo can be adjusted via automation or by "Shift-Env Attack" I think! Not at TI just now so can't remember exactly, but it is SHIFT plus one of the Envelope buttons.

    On my original TI…

    How does one turn on Hold mode?

    So, there's no way to just adjust tempo with just one dial (as, I can't hold a button and a knob while playing). I notice that when I use my Korg minilogue as my controller, the tempo knob seems to work perfect... unfortunately, that's not the controller I generaly use for this.

    Hi, folks,

    I just got my Virus TI2 yesterday, and was up until the late hours of the morning learning how to use it... figured out a lot of things, but I'm wondering (I couldn't find this, anywhere)... is there a way to adjust the tempo of a patch (mostly arpeggios/sequences), on-the-fly, that doesn't involve using the tap tempo? I was trying to assign it to a soft key... I saw something in the softkey assignment where you could name something "tempo", but in the actual param selection, I couldn't find anything that would correspond.

    Also, is there a way to create a hold-mode for patches that aren't arpeggios? I do a lot of minimalist/ambient, and I'd love to be able to have the ability to hold a pad, like we can with arpeggios.