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    My TI2 desktop is fine with in x64 mode (Intel C2D e2220 2.2ghz, 2gb ddr2 667, win 7 x64); Virus Control in VST3 is noticeably faster and more responsive than the VST 2.4 version; however, the same VST 2.4 is more precisely synced to my Virus: sometimes it will just happen that with the VST3 version I tweak some parameters and they're not sent to the unit, VC sees the edits but the Virus does not and I have to do those edits again with the device's knobs. As far as I love the physical tweaking the parameters which suffer the most from this trouble are the ones with more options (like soft knobs assign) where using the mouse is just more precise.

    My first post as an owner :)

    With 7 RC1 x64, TIOS, x64/x86 Plugin, VC seems just fine. Not really fast of a plugin, but not sluggish either. Tested in FL Studio 9 and Studio One, both x86 hosts. My hardware configuration is an Intel e2220 (dual 2.2GHz cpu), on a ridicolous Intel Essentials motherboard and 2GB DDR2 clocked at 667MHz, really a discount computer nowadays. Maybe there are certain combos that work better than others?
    I'm actually about to get a new clean install of my os, my TIOS, mounting another soundcard; will post again if anything changes.

    Edit: the VST3 plugin in Studio One works noticeably faster than the 2.4 in FL 9