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    Thank you! Worked! over installing process i had to look at the screen of security window and at some point appears this additional task, but no alerts windows and so on. Would never guess that something is wrong over installing process, if computer is quiet. Thanks for helping out! have a lovely day.

    Hi and thanks for answering.

    I use Nuendo 10, Ableton 9. Both the same doesnt see the virus. I found someone else on that forum who was also having same problem but no answer for him either.

    i install and reinstall again and again. Before i had Snow and was fine, but at some point also stop connecting. Now i have polar and trying to establish connection. I instal 1.5.7 version on another computer with older version Mac OS 10.7 Also nuendo. And its working fine. Connection is there.

    So i am afraid is something in drivers on that os mojave, maybe some files is some hidden folders? or in requeriments from Access for Sierra users is written that

    HIGH SIERRA USERS: You need to enable the Virus driver in Preferences after a fresh install

    But in which prefferences exactly i dont get.

    Where this driver must be enabled? Thanks for help