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    Hey there,

    If the Virus TI2 is still on the update list (which should, because it is still not obsolete by far !!) I would find it really useful to have the option to limit the number of voices in a patch.

    It can get pretty messy and loud to play a patch with a sustain pedal while playing the same key a few times.

    So a way to limit the voices to 16, 12, 8, 6... or whatever would be appreciated for "live playing as a traditional synth" if that make any sens.


    Yeah, channel pressure is mono.

    I'm not sure I understand this part of the manual, but its hard to imagine that a device as powerful as the TI2 can't bear the MIDI data from poly aftertouch, if my old ensoniq and my blofeld can.

    Does it mean that the MIDI data a polyphonic aftertouch capable keyboard would provide would be recognized as some kind of weird alt sysex messages ?

    I can try again but I think I remember the Virus not responding to it at all.

    Thanks !

    Hey there,

    I've been using and loving my Virus TI 2 and Snow for a while now both live and in the studio, but there is one feature I really miss on them - Polyphonic Aftertouch.

    It brings such a level of expressivity that would benefit many patches on the Virus. And if the Blofeld can do it, the Virus has to step up :D

    We're also seeing more and more controller providing this type of aftertouch, so an update would certainly "future proof" the Virus !

    Let us know !!