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    The virus TI2 cost so much in the first place it feels like it really shouldn't come to this but if a small fee for an update means I can actually use my synth for the reason I bought it i.e. total integration as advertised then sure, I'll pay. Just ordered a new M1 MacBook Pro as my old mac died on me so no choice but to use Big Sur now.

    I just deep sixed that POFS Catalina and restored my Mojave, thanks to Time capsule/time machine backups.

    I thought that what was broken was the Audio over USB. My plugin doesn't detect the virus at all. I'm trying to control the Virus parameters with the plugin but sequence it externally via squid (midi 5 pin) I don't know if that's possible.

    I'm used to fighting with stuff. All of this technology needs another 100 years minimum. Humans are very very slow to progress with technology IMO. I'm not impressed. Not talking about the Virus specifically, but everything. I fight with software for a living. I just replaced my 2011 Imac with a new Imac mini 8G ram and everything ran like Crap. Do not buy a mac mini unless it's a 2012 with an i7 quadcore processor. Anyhow, I got a new macbook pro with 16G RAM and an i7 Quadcore. The TI software runs 90% better.

    The only major issue I have is stopping and starting a midi track mid section and having the ARP go out of whack. But I suppose that's the way it is with MIDI tracks. Like I said, all of this tech needs another 100 years minimum. I'm happy with the thing though. I'm sure all the other comparative synths with a plugin have some sort of issues.

    Crashing is not that bad, but there's something going on and I have to fix it. It's not fun. Mainly is the sudden screeching noise. I have to shut down the virus and restart it. It's to the point where it's unusable.

    Yosemite 10.10.5
    8G ram
    Logic Pro - X

    Screenshot of crash attached. Video link of what it's doing.…/videos/1848465365430692/


    Maybe I'm confused, which is highly probable. So far I've only written 1 song in logix with VC.

    My question is this. If I load up VC as multi timber instrument, I can only get 3 auxs in logic right? I have to control the volume of each synth patch in the VC software right?

    This also means I can only have volume automation on only 3 of the virus tracks in logic right?

    [Blocked Image: ]

    Seems I'm in the minority in complaining about the integration of this thing with DAW's.

    I'm ready to ditch the maschine. I'll keep it, just not for what I'm trying to do, which is produce songs. The workflow inside Logic sucks with Maschine.

    What are other people using as far as drum programming within logic? I know there's some built in programs, but they are weak. That's kind of all I'm using the maschine for, drums and some sound effect, stabs, loops.

    The problem with maschine in Logic, is having to drag each pattern in one at a time. Then it creates a ton of other piano and trumpet tracks and crap as I might have mentioned after you drag in a pattern. That's not a big deal to delete those extra tracks, but dragging in one pattern at a time when you have a shit ton of patterns and scenes is ridiculous.
    I just build the drums in maschine and leave them in maschine and then export the separate sounds after, bounce the virus tracks, then import all of those into a new Logic project and do the mixing. The workflow is terrible in this configuration.

    I'm trying to see if going to something like FL Studio to do the drums would be more efficient. I believe FL studio is not officially supported with the Virus, but have seen some threads on here about people doing that.