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    Hi. What I've been doing is I created a few banks of my own (.mid files) by category. If I come across a great "cinematic" style sound I save it to my own Cinematic.mid file until it's filled up, and so on.

    Another great functionality is to be able to drag a sound from the upper window in the browser to the lower window. Simply have your own .mid file open in the lower one and drag cool sounds you find to it. Although sometimes that causes the search results to get scrambled, but it works.

    Hi everyone. Decently happy new TI2 owner here. After a few hiccups I got this beautiful instrument working properly with Cubase 9. No dropouts or noise after I hooked it through an Anker USB hub to my MacPro. That somehow took care of the initial issues.

    My question: is there any advantage from using the Mystery Islands plugin over the Access version? Any users of it can comment?

    I have not tried uploading banks of sounds yet to it. Is it easier with this software? Anything to watch out?