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    I've reported a few of those bugs hahaha but it still uses something like 390mb of Ram with is insane just for a controller it's really not solution, I'd rather wait for access to give us a proper solution than spending money on a third party that since version 2 hasn't convinced me at all.

    Rome wasn't built in a day. At least he presented a solution where access didn't.

    There is a third party company ( who's main developer, Jani, has essentially recreated the Virus Patch Librarian, DAW Plugin and Editor (the only thing missing is the Total Integration Functionality, can't play Audio via USB): https://www.mysteryislands-mus…duct/access-virus-editor/

    Instead of paying/rewarding Access for their neglect and incompetence to support Apple users, why not encourage and Pay Jani to accomplish this task? He deserves it more:

    Using Virus Ti v2 Keyboard on Logic Pro X on a Mac and notice that if I leave Logic Open and put computer and virus to sleep... when I come back to work on my project, I awake the virus and computer, and often times, all virus sounds will be stained by this horrible noise noise. At this point, the only way to solve it is to restart everything, including the Ti Keyboard. Anyone get this issue or know what's the cause?

    Thank you.


    I'm a new owner of a Virus TI v2 Keyboard, this is my first Virus product, and although I am impressed with the sound quality, I noticed a rather annoying issue and wonder if anyone can try it out on their end and tell me if you have the same, or is my unit malfunctioning?

    Problem: Groove Logo on back of unit lights up while unit is in sleep mode under certain conditions.

    Steps to recreate:
    1. Put Virus To Sleep
    2. Unplug power cord and plug back in directly from back of unit, not power outlet.
    3. Virus should still be sleeping, but Logo on back will light up.

    Since the unit is sleeping, the logo should not be lighting up until it's awoken. Is anyone else experiencing this with their Ti v2 Keyboard? Want to see if this is a widespread issue.

    Thank you!