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    Gotcha, thanks for that.

    I do know that Apple has changed it's USB stack with Sierra, and can sympathize. The software product I manage in my day job has to deal with that extensively too.

    I have it on a dedicated port and bus (IR reader, sd card reader bus, but they're never in use). I can try moving it around and seeing. As for a hub, I have a few options there which I'll try as well.

    Mac is mid 2011 iMac (iMac12,2)

    Just as info: I have every aspect of the Virus running fine under macOS 10.12.4. VST3 in Cubase, AU in Mainstage. No issues with drivers, regardless whether MIDI or Audio.

    Do you have the Virus on a dedicated USB bus?

    Yep, it's plugged directly into the back of the iMac. System Info also shows it's the only thing on the bus besides the IR reader and the SD card reader (both of which are not in use, ever).

    In Logic it will refuse to load the midi driver when I launch a project, old or new, until I hit 'reset midi driver' in Logic Preferences > Midi

    Hi there,

    New Virus Ti Polar owner here. Love the sound, hate the bugs.

    I updated to macOS 10.12.4 (auto-updated, my bad...) and now my Virus TI software doesn't work.
    Can use as Audio device, but the TI software and MIDI doesn't fly.
    Error in the TI sw says 'MIDI driver failed to start or is not installed' [etc].

    Using Logic 10.3.1.
    iMac mid 2011.

    Tried re-installing the drivers, no bueno.
    Ran Disk Permissions (first aid), no dice.

    Console log, searching 'midi' yields:

    default 10:47:09.526805 -0700 MIDIServer 56: notice: MIDIServer.cpp:354: FullInit: MIDIServer [653] starting; arch=x86_64
    default 10:47:09.882813 -0700 MIDIServer 56: notice: <usbio> USBMIDIDevice.cpp:72: Initialize: starting MIDI, mOutPipe=0x1, mInPipe=0x2

    So, looks like it's starting, so not sure wtf is going on.

    Any pointers on what to look for, and in what logs?
    (I am a software guy, I know how to get dirty with the OS ;)