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    Issue come back once since, with different patch, playing a single note. However this time I was using it only as MIDI keyboard, then I noticed the BPM and LFO LEDs blinking frantically so I plugged it headphones.
    The sound was pure horror, I switched it off rather than recorded it. I made backup via sound diver and want to factory restore, but since I have also learned how to import patches with SD I had to postpone the restore...
    Because the sounds you can get....

    Hey Cloudswim, I sent you PM, did you get your issue resolved?

    the Virus C series is build on non ROHS conform components. even if we want to, we cannot buy those anymore. the replacement parts we had left are simply gone buy now, which is like 13(?) years later ... all in all i'd say the Virus C is holding up really good.

    OK I did not know that, I really only wanted faceplate/housing, no electrical parts, I never asked yo uto hold/re-order 13 years old parts, but had to chance it, what if ;) maybe 1 day someone will make vinyl sticker overlay.

    Yeah seems to hold pretty well and holds it's value too, they don't sell cheap even used, plenty of people still have them, and it's an iconic synth now, but then there is this few of us that have this noise issue.
    Someone from Access replied to my lengthy email describing this issue and ruled out my suspicion about PSU issue, but no hint at what could it be either. Was that you?

    I too got Virus KC used. Marvelous machine, loving it. Worked fine for a 2 weeks and now this.
    Apart from the symptom as described with the screeching sound it also only plays at left channel only hard reset solves it.

    Thinking that it could be the audio circuitry, caps possibly, just because of how the amplitude of the sound behaves - the cap is getting charged and discharged - there is a slow rise in the hissing sound on note on with similar characteristic on note off/decay, hopefully nothing more than than this HW wise. I will update accordingly, I'll be taking the unit apart soon.
    In regards to support: I contacted Access in the past for advice and parts but frankly they no longer seem to stock anything for the older models, damn I wish to make my KC look as new :(
    But in fairness they replied to all my emails and addressed all queries I had, hardly any other manufacturer does that for discontinued products.