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    Before I am going to consider getting the Roland Integra7, I'd like to try using the Access Virus ti2 for generating sound of classical instruments. It does not have to be super realistic, though.

    For lack of mind and time to program all patches by myself, I am looking for banks with patches only for classical orchestra instruments, such as strings, brass, woods, choir. Percussion and plucked not needed. I need such collection for classical music projects.

    I am willing to pay of course (paypal okay) for quality patches.

    Please feel free to spam me.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Best regards,


    Dear Access Virus Team,

    I am an old (age) noob (ti2) who wishes only one feature that I would really love to have in the config globals:

    "Global normalized output gain". "Global volume leveller". I'm not sure how to call it.

    What I exactly mean:

    Current situation - Each patch / sound comes out with it own volume, so, switching from one patch / sound to the next one changes the output volume. This is in particular annoying when for example playing a soft ambient patch / sound and suddenly the next patch / sound has twice the volume. Or the other way around. Especially for live play it's a bit inconvenient.

    Future situation: So, all I really want is that there is a global config setting that instructs the ti2 to level the output volume for all patches / sounds exactly the same strength, either a global setting in percent % or a global setting in db or anything. As a result, switching from one patch / sound to another patch / sound leaves the output volume exactly constant the same gain level.

    So that's why I call it "global normalized".

    Hopefully I am clear in my wants.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Best regards,