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    I solved my problem. There were indeed drivers blocked. This could not be seen in the Privacy Settings as shown above but during a reboot and watching the privacy settings this popped up. Allowing those things access, solved it for Elektron Overbridge and the Virus Control Centre. Olaf

    For me everything worked fine until I replaced my laptop with another model, same (top) specs and same latest os sierra (tranferring everything from one laptop to the other). While USB works fine for normal devices (audio interface, Octatrack in USB mode etc) all Elektron devices are not recognised in Overbridge, nor is the Virus Control Centre able to see the Virus. The Moog Sub 37 standalone editor recognises the machine. Has anyone an idea whether there is somewhere a place in the OS where such drivers could be blocked? Since the problem only occurs with the Virus Control Centre and Elektron Overbridge, I suspect that something is somewhere blocked. Any hints are much appreciated. Olaf

    PS: Nothing is blocked in the Security & Privacy settings.