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    you need to contact support. we cannot replicate the problem here and the vast majority of mac users with new 8 cores seems to not suffer from any problem described above. in fact, pretty much everybody seems very happy with the last two releases. vast majority of users are not pro users and don't push their devices.

    contact which support? access or apple? Are you serious? There are at least 50+ different threads on your forum with people complaining about inexplicable static issues. And multiple people on each of those threads confirming the same issue with 8cores...

    which issue? there is no general issue as far as we know -

    is it so hard for someone from Access development to make contact with someone at Apple development to sort this out? We are talking about a device that retails for $2,000 and is COMPLETELY USELESS for thousands of your users right now. You ignoring the issue on the forum or making light of it, as you are here, will not make it go away and does not shed any positive light on your company for being so aloof about it. It has been ongoing for 6 months...users are not crazy, something is amiss....users are not developers...users pay your company big money for devices so stuff like this gets sorted out by professionals with high level knowledge.

    you should work with support on a solution.

    which support? yours or apple?

    best, marc

    Bobby!!! Thanks for chiming in man - Yes I also followed the same crib sheet you forwarded me from your ticket over the weekend and haven't had any luck whatsoever. Interesting it was not an issue with 10.6.3 - I never ran it on that.

    Marc, it would seem something went amiss with OS X 10.6.4 port assignments on 8cores, is there any chance of coordinating a high level fix with Apple based on the prevalence and general "fatal-ness" of the issue? I haven't heard of any other USB based music devices having this issue with 10.6.4 so it must be something very specific to the way a Virus talks back to the OS?

    Thoughts? We MUST get to the bottom of this! Thanks.

    okay, i guess we need some joint effort here. fact is that a few see this problem and we cannot reproduce it. so we need to dig deeper.

    - does it happen wir logic versions before 9.1.3?
    - does it only happen on specific macs (in other words, do all who have this problem have the same mac). we have 2 8-cores and it does not happen here.
    - are you using the virus as your sound card or a third party solution? if you use it as your sound card, does the problem persist when you switch to the internal sound card of your mac?

    best, marc

    Thanks Marc, yes I confirmed last night with a couple others who are having issues. My totally conjectural guess is this a port issue somehow.

    - I have an 8core 2.33 running 10.6. Audio Card is a Digi Rack 003. M-Audio Trigger Finger.
    - I noticed when a third external bus powered firewire drive gets plugged in, the 003 dies. This makes me think that the 8core is somehow not delineating power/bandwidth properly when its ports get really jammed up with it possible? I will test it when I get to the studio tonight.

    I started to wonder because a friend...

    - Has an 8core tower running Snow Leopard and apogee converters
    - He has Same issues on tower, no issues whatsoever with macbook pro running same os.

    Other users I have spoken too who also have quite full ports, but with less power/bw demands on each port (ie just iLoks and monitor switchers etc), do not have same issue.

    Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

    Recently upgraded from a G5 tower to an 8 core to make the jump from Logic 8-9 . After doing so a litany of weird issues have been introduced. Most problematic being that my Virus is basically useless.

    I can get several midi channels going via USB and everything is fine for a few stop/start playbacks. Usually after anywhere from 3-5 stop/start playbacks, the entire Virus gets covered in a loud static type noise that overlays all sounds being played- you can hear the selected patches barely audible under a very thick, low frequency static.

    I am assuming it is a hardware problem and its time to pony up for repair but wondering if anyone has had similar issues.


    8 core Tower

    Digi 003
    Logic 9.1.3
    Virus Ti version 1, recently updated firmware etc.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks for reading.