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    Hi! I have had the TI2 desktop crash twice in the last week from trying to program an FM patch. It happened much in the way described above: Loud distorted noise and the TI2 Freezes. I need to unplug the TI2 and restart Live 10. I put in a support ticket, but since I have a hotmail account, I am afraid my help request may go to a spam folder. My ticket number is ae8a3c57. I’m happy to wait for a PM

    I want to jump in and second this feature request. I just bought a Linnstrument. I’m kind of surprised not to see more requests for MPE support. Roli is pushing their Seaboard/Blocks stuff HARD right now. I went with the Linnstrument just because its layout favors guitar players but, there are some amazing videos of both MPE controllers out there