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    Debugging is a pain.
    By the time you finally had a module / feature / area done and tested,
    you have collapsed a completely different segment of the code
    inflicting trouble upon GUI, Audio or Midi or whatever... not mentioning it should work
    seamlessly on a plethora of platforms and drivers for all the TI range.
    Sure Access could release it when it was feature ready,
    but then users worldwide would flood this forum with complaints on bugs.

    I agree it took Access some time to provide with an update,
    but all and all, these is no other company in the world
    that add capabilities to the product's sound engine,
    stuff that was not included in the first version!

    Consider what you've got after you bought your TI:

    ARP to Mod MTX, Comb and Vowel Filters, Uni/Bi Polar LFO, New Chorus section, Distortion Pedals,
    and in the future you are expecting additional envelopes and filters!

    Come on people, lets be realistic here.
    No other synth in the world continues to upgrade YEARS after you purchase it - and free of charge.
    I think some gratitude is in order.

    Thank you Access!!! :)