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    That what with the world standing still , not much to do , that access woulda used the time to come up with some cures for its Virus - as well as mac sorting out its arrogant fuck ups

    The missing mod matrix destinations still stands as well , I see no point in being able to set certain destinations for the soft knobs but not the matrix , things like local detunes for Both the grain and formant oscillators 1 and 2 , the ability to assign the filterbank mix , lfo phase trig are all in the soft knob menus but not the matrix menus , that’s clearly mistakes not yet resolved there’s a few other destinations as well - you either pay £1500 new or £950-1000 second hand for a flagship high end , these things you find yourself reaching for to find they are not there , should be dealt with , there’s no excuses at mo to be honest. And I really thought they would be sorted this year especially...and there’s still room for more potential to make the arp to matrix bad ass on the level of massive and serum.. sure the things I mention missing can live with out but as I say they are clear mistakes , forgotten to be included

    Come on access , one final FINAL update....

    put all the biased hurt aside and roll it out like a fat Jamaican spliff

    Good stuff , can you enlighten me on when and why you would use constant’ as mods sources to certain parameters, still abit in the dark about that , few examples or situations ... cheers

    -hope all keeping safe -

    No I just mean to say brutal records is just fuelin a fire that’s already been put out...

    And exactly - they are gone since the update...

    And exactly- don’t tickle bug that’s there

    the only issue I have with access , is having to sign in every single time here - annoying...

    that’s about it my fellow warriors of sound and light

    ^So let me get this straight your saying that due to firmware updates has rendered the DSP useless and the only solution is to buy another? You say you own two machines , both have issues but you only joined the forum November 2019 and only decide to complain now ???

    When in demo song mode ? What even is that , never heard of such mode not unless you mean audition , if your talking about the bug where it can hang with a constant sound , that’s nothing , who actually really uses audition buttons ? And I’ve certainly never encountered that to happen whilst making patches with an actual midi keyboard or using Multi via VC and the one I own is second hand from 2014 , I mean it’s often like people are trying to push what it is capable of , then declare it’s useless because it won’t handle the task you tried put it through just because it costs XXXX amount ....

    And how complex are we talking about , I have no problems scoring complex patches or not , and as for bonkers complex that’s I key going to make life difficult sitting it in the mix...... but importantly it doesn’t “hang up” while it’s in use , I recall the only time it did have sync issues was when I stupidly didn’t sort out Selective Suspend in the usb power options , and a defective ethernet cable which would effect my audio interface in return the virus, that’s how far my trouble shooting went before opening my damaging mouth and so you see not everything has to be the fault of the virus hardware , there could something else and the poster buying another could of still quite easily just been a fluke where is other hardware is concerned or simply short straw draw , nothing and no one is perfect !

    Just seems like you are throwing fuel on the fire for the sake of it , I mean if it was from a firmware update , this would be effecting everyone for a start , as for “much is swept under the carpet here” and or “I know far too many people” - that is totally false and for being sorry toward the other poster with his issue being related to yours , you do not know that his issue was related to yours either....

    assumptions and assumptions like it may do unnecessary damage , out of all the members that have joined (go check) there’s only a handful with issues aside from those with having no patients to try and troubleshoot , but the majority have had their accounts since 2009 and often check back to this day with nothing bad to say about it , and yes statistically you are going to get defective units.... but most of your claims are actually false brutal

    fair enough if you got an issue , there’ll be your legit cases , but you brutal are actually a fire starter , twisted fire starter.

    I know it’s not quite the same but With certain lfo shapes and clock times set to modulate the filter gain can turn it into some sort of cool dynamic gate/compressor , ive found it pretty useful when creating busy modulated step sequences with things that have high delay feedback assigned to it , or loosing transients you don’t want or finding ones you want , and can be “fine tuned” if need be by shifting through the trig and contours

    “when did i say it was unusable?”
    you stating that your going to buy another “awesome EDM synth” - for a start there’s no such thing as an EDM synth

    is that easy to get blocked by stating a few facts about the nature of your post , get a grip eh who actually give a shit about any of this , nothing much more to be said that won’t change the situation..

    to name a few mixes , but easily a few favourites of the genre , some good artists in there , , still yet to listen to anti fear 2 , which was uploaded not that long ago

    giving it a listen to now , ear gazma all round ?

    TNM - “you buy other awesome EDM hardware synth” , well then what hurts you using the virus ti as a standard hardware synth then.... your the one being ridiculous about it , or Atleast apparently so because your acting like it’s totally unusable when it’s actually not...

    much more therapeutic programming it from the panel anyways I find

    A compressor combined with the ability to control the signal routing between the effect stages (for each part individually) would expand the sound palette in new exciting ways.

    The meme with leonardo dicaprio holding up glass filled with champagne springs to mind

    My bad I should I’ve been more clear ,
    without going too wild on the bass I should say at least the lo end...

    so I guess following on from it , depending on the style - experimentation could mean using two parts , one part for your lows with maybe either sidechain compression or using a dynamic eq with an input mode (much better effect I find) and the second part that deals with mids and highs , there your free to tweak that stereo phase dial in the filter bank and other possible stereo fx without compromising the lows , - at the end of the plugin chain there could be a M/S eq to shape the image , with overall control of the width via a widener

    could be a few ways to approach it I guess depending on the intention

    Another way to make good use of the stereo field is to use two parts , but set one part main outs to usb L and the other part to usb R

    You could process the parts individually using the 3 outputs for maximum experimentation with the stereo field or even use a third part that uses usb LR and just go from there

    frequency shifter Also as you know provides phase shift , for experiments with the stereo field , I leave the frequency dead Center , I don’t touch it , but instead just adjust the phase for suitable stereo images , great for basslines

    I see what you mean now regarding the practicality of it...

    Didn’t give it much thought , my bad , I think sampling though would prove much better to be honest.
    Using something like Ultra loop from twisted tools , record the different parts you want question and answered And just throw them in that..

    Windows ten here , switched over from windows 8.1 2-3 years ago , best choice I ever made...

    some tips I seen thrown around if experience crashes - ( Keyboard_Ti)

    Turn selective suspend off in the power options if you havnt already , and deactivate priorities in advance sound options

    cubase has proved problematic with Native instruments products also , doesn’t necessarily mean it is the operating system , Windows 10 has been the best operating system I have ever used (out of XP , 7 and 8.1) so dig deeper , could be other issues