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    Any recommendations on the best ‘sounding’ interface for the virus , I mean is there such a thing as best sounding interface ? A sound card is a sound card right , or is it like graphics cards in terms of on board memory , the more cash you spend the better it looks - in this case the more cash you spend the better sounding it is ? Don’t get me wrong sounds great as it is , but for maintaning that quality through converters and keeping rock solid system stability ...

    Thoughts ?? - I’d say a budget of no more than 700 , but no less than 400


    Over here it’s -
    Ableton live ,..
    windows 10
    NI Audio 6 interface ...
    Virus TI desktop with latest OS

    My issue was that the internet bugged out my interface every so often , in return the virus whilst in TC (would make the sound freeze forcing a restart)

    The cure now for me was/is to disconnect from the net everytime I sound design , I have no more problems this way , unless of course I reactivate my ethernet connection and the problem will inevitably return.. weird eh ?

    So for me originally , It must of been a certain windows update that made my interface play up everytime I hooked to the net , coz it only started doing it within the last few months and of course Initially , I had to use the net to solve the NI interfaces problem , by inadvertently telling me to disconnect from the net whilst using it -

    In a nut shell -
    act like a domino effect , anytime the Audio 6 made the odd crackle whilst online , TC would freeze a sustained note , so now I work offline

    So if anyone having freezing issues , I know seem weird but try disconnecting internet before thinking of selling it !

    First of all , hello all ..This may help you see that it may not be your Virus TI after all ..

    For me it was an audio interface problem that every time I’m connected to the internet would somehow disturb my interface in return the virus every other few moments of playing sound .- the crash gave out the long standing sustained sound that will lock up TC forcing me to restart the virus ... so just a thought , disable your internet connection then try ...