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    woah woah, wait a minute!!! So the TI plug in doesn't work yeah? But the usb audio DOES? And does the usb midi work? In other words could you set it up as a virtual instrument in Logic then? And does Big Sur recognise all three usb audio outs?

    Due to what Apple are about to do with.... actually I gotta be super careful here, NDA and all that, but... well this bit is out in the public domain already if you know where to look so I can say this much at least. Apple are going to be a little more... forceful shall I say delicately, with prompting customers to move to the latest macOS version. No doubt they'll bang on about security yada yada, but I work for a huge media company in real life when I'm not being a musician in my free time & already the Catalina upgrade is.... available shall I say, even if you have forced it to be ignored. Yes, I can get away with that I think!

    Basically, I've now moved to Catalina on my personal iMac Pro, I held out this long but... it's going to happen anyway, so either Access care about the customers who have been there for years or.... not. Who knows? But I couldn't hold on any longer, the Catalina Virus drivers were my only blocker. I still have faint hope that the Virus drivers will be updated for Catalina, I'll be a very happy customer if that is the case, but if not by the time the NEXT macOS is released, then I'm going to have to sell my Ti2, sad but true.

    Apple's WWDC is in a few weeks, you'll find out more about why I'm having to be cryptic then, I really am sorry, but NDA's y'know?

    Interesting... Anyone know if any Kemper products use the same USB driver? fairly likely and there have been updates since Catalina there.. Maybe sorting Kemper first?

    The Kemper Amps don't transfer any audio via USB. I couldn't find any USB driver at all in fact! I think the amps are simple class compliant USB ports and all the Rig Manager software is doing is simply transferring data to the amp.

    *cough* Apparently Elektron use the same driver, in case we want to compare and contrast *cough*


    I have :-) I haven't had a chance to test either the Elektron or the usb-audio demo driver yet, but I have dug into them a little.....

    I must admit, I'm very surprised that just by renaming the .driver & .plugin files that the usb-audio files work! I'm guessing that the Virus Ti AU plugin is simply making a call to those filenames..... and the kext extension for that matter.... interesting! In the usb-audio plugin there are a lot more references to other vendors products, in the Elektron plugin though, only to their own products. However, there are NO references to Access in the usb-audio plugin either! So.. it might just be a case..maybe... of renaming the Elektron plugin & driver filenames as well!

    You probably need to authorise the drivers.

    Restart your Mac.

    As SOON as the Desktop/Finder reappears, go into System Preferences (Apple Menu, top left) then 'Security & Privacy'. Select the 'General' tab if not the default already. Look near the bottom of that window, does it ask you to 'approve' anything? If so, approve it.

    Any better now?

    Having the same issue... tried the same things... but I can't find any "PloyTec Gmbh"! Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks.

    Restart your Mac. As soon as the desktop reappears, go into System Preferences/Security & Privacy and you should see the approval button then. It disappears after half an hour until you next reboot y'see, that might be why you haven't seen it.


    wouldn't it be on option to make make the code of the Virus Plugin publicly available. I guess there are some clever people around who could adjust the plugin faster than Access could ever do ...

    ... just a thought ... need to get a replacement for my 2011 iMac this year. And new Macs only come with Catalina ....

    If only it were that simple!

    Ploytec, the company who's audio code makes the Virus plug-in work, are working on a Core Audio driver, to replace the depreciated HAL audio code. I'd keep an eye on this webpage LINK as when they have their own driver it'll be there, I can't imagine that the Virus driver will be far behind. Unless it's never going to be updated of course. Who knows? Well, Access do but it's still radio silence...

    Y'know what? I apologise. I should have made it perfectly clear, the text of my original post when I wrote ' ... as I don't want it to fall into a debate' that was really aimed at 'baeksan' to be honest. So I feel I have the right to reply to the above critique...

    What are you trying to achieve by defending Access?

    I'm not defending Access whatsoever! Please feel free to point out to me where you believe I've defended Access, if I've not been totally clear then I'll be happy to amend my misleading statement for you.

    Don't put the blame on Ploytec. They don't sell the Virus TI!

    I'm not putting the blame on Ploytec at all. I'm truly sorry if it came across that way. I was aiming to point out a previous post on this thread by Marc from Access, when he wrote he was waiting for more information from the company that wrote the driver. A little detective work later, and that appears to be Ploytec. So as I understand it, and I could be totally wrong of course, both Access and therefore ourselves, have to wait until Ploytec have written a compatible driver.

    I believe that your other comments are directed to Marc/Access so he/they should have the right to reply.

    Again, I'm sorry if I wasn't entirely clear in my original post and I hope that I've now cleared up any potential confusion.

    Deprecated HAL apis don’t mean they no longer wrk, just new features won’t be supported in the old driver model. They should still continue to function as they did (given there weren’t any bugs or regressions), so I do think it’s a problem elsewhere perhaps in usb and communicating to the hardware somehow

    Dude, please.....

    This is my final statement on this matter as I don't want it to fall into a debate. Because there is no debate and if you really do work for Apple in a Core Audio role then you'd know that what you are stating is simply not true.

    There is NO support for HAL audio plugins in Catalina. None. Zero. This means that you can tweak them as much as you want... they will.... not.... work. Why? Because the OS doesn't support them. Period.

    There is no /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL directory created on a fresh Catalina install. Have a guess why?

    Apple's own 10.15 Developer documentation states that HAL Audio Plug-ins are no longer supported.

    Have a look at any list that people have posted online of what Catalina reports back as being incompatible once you install it. Contains HAL Audio Plug-in file paths.

    And finally, from Ploytec, the company that wrote the Virus Ti drivers...

    "Mac OS X Catalina no longer supports HAL plugins: Catalina Release Notes. We'll release a CoreAudio-only driver by late 2019.

    Please note: The current driver is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.15."

    I'm not arguing, I'm just explaining why I'm right!

    We all have to wait for a new compliant driver to be written and that's that. I'm staying on Mojave for the foreseeable future.

    A hint: The story of Ploytec

    Everything else you have to research yourself.


    I had a dig around in the Virus audio driver binary files and Ploytec are indeed in there. 'PloytecHalPluginType' for example and that's why it's not working in Catalina. HAL Audio has been depreciated, doesn't exist in Catalina. Ploytec have to move to a different method called 'Audio Server' instead. This has been around since macOS 10.9 by the way, it's not a new thing! Ploytec do state that "We'll release a CoreAudio-only driver by late 2019" for their commercial USB Audio driver so, fingers crossed, they will also update the Virus drivers on behalf of Access Music as well.

    Hope that helps.