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    I have a 2018 Mac mini that still has the "old" USB connectors, 2 of them. Fusion will ask if you want to connect the USB to the host or the guest, when you start the control center the Virus will go into a different mode (not in front of me right now) and Fusion will ask again because it detects a "new" device.

    It should work with a USB-C to USB-B cable or adapter no problem

    I did that a few days ago. Running Mojave in VMWare Fusion, installed Access Software and Live lite, so far only used it to backup the Virus but that worked great...

    I'm surprised you got that to work since Apple discontinued support for HAL plugins in Catalina.

    But the method you're describing is the same principle as just using a normal audio interface for the analog outs though. Nothing new.

    This does not fix the midi timing problem. This is a problem with the VirusVC plugin. When using the plugin, your host can't send midi directly to the virus. Only through the plugin.

    I did not say that it fixes anything, just a different approach. In the end I am using a Behringer audio interface with midi and the editor from Mystery Island, the new beta works really nice.

    So the TI2 came out in 2009, 10 years ago. I could understand that Access stoped working on a new driver after 10 years. Roland does that after 7 years of a product being discontinued iirc. But Access is still selling these synths as of today (for quite some money) and I wonder if the box still says "Comes with Total Integration for Mac and PC) --- As a buyer of a brand new synth I would expect this to be working.

    I hope they fix it as I like working with TI on my Mac, so far I am not switching to 10.15 for several reasons.

    Hi all, I have checked other threads and have not found the info I am looking for, or really old answers to older versions of Virus OS, so here we go:

    1) Can Virus TI(2) or Virus KB send MIDI program changes? - I am testing via MIDI, not USB, and only get Sysex Messages when changing a patch. Only interested in Single Mode! The setting in the Config Menu ("Program Change=Enabled") doesn't do anything

    2) Using the Remote functionality on a TI(2): I have tried to set up a soft knob to send Program Changes but never got it to work, any tips/ideas?


    What worked for me was to reset the global settings, from the manual...

    Fortunately, it can be cured easily by resetting the Virus. First, shut down your sequencer application. Next remove all cables including the power cable from your Virus and wait for 20 seconds. Then plug-in the power cable again while holding theARP EDIT key. This will trigger a reset. Last, plug-in all the other cables again and fire up your sequencer.

    No more automatic filter env. changes... At least that proved that the pots are not broken, the pitch wheel still does it from time to time. But all in all I can live with that.

    Would be great if Access looked into that, but I suppose there wont be any new firmware updates. On the other hand you can still buy'em new, so why not?