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    So here's a progtrance style version of a tune from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video game :)

    The mix down and arrangement is not finished yet but you may give some helpful feedback. Most of the sounds are made with Sylenth but also Virus as i got mine a few weeks ago. I recorded also new bass lines with virus and will try to put them in too :thumbup:

    (be careful with the volume think i need more headroom for the next one^^)

    yesterday i discovered the Aux Envelopes in the Matrix and they may be exactly what i'm looking for, so is it possible to assign two aux envelopes to the filter cut off ? would map both aux env decays and env amt parameters e.g. as makro on an instrument rack. using sylenth this is very nice to do :)

    in addition heres a sample of my latest bassline made by virus, isn't that bad but can sure get better :thumbup:

    hey :)

    something like this?

    Access Virus Ti2 - Psytrance Multipatch

    very different from my approach but really interesting :huh: so you did each track on virus (kick, drums, bass, fx) ? In fact bassline seems to be similar to the one i get out of virus after practicing a while. Sounds like you pitched the Osc. down for 1 octave, is there any other option then hit the "transpose" button on the hardware? The location of these buttons made me think that it is not possible to transpose each Osc. for itself, but being a virus newbie i just started to dig in its user interface / layout ^^

    Attached a Screenshot of the unit i talk about, as you maybe (very small image :/ ) can see there the amount AND the 2 additional Envelopes can be shaped. So I'm looking for ADSR Envelopes which can be assigned to modulate the Filter Cutoff :S:thumbup:


    Hello again,

    after being a virus user for almost a week, i'm still high on its massive Saw Waves and the hardware handling :love: i worked a lot with sylenth1 in the past and started to reproduce certain sounds i did there to get used to the different work flow. Did a Trance Bass today which was amazing to do until I got stuck.

    In Sylenth I used 2 "Mod.Envelopes" assigned to a single Filter CutOff to shape the bassline in the final form but with Virus i didn't achieve something like this until now.

    In the Matrix Section i found similar modulation options but they were triggered by velocity instead of "dry/wet" kind of knob on sylenth were i also was able to create 2 individual ADSR envelopes modulating the Filter CutOff. Is there anything i can do that way with the virus ?

    Hope I explained my issue understandable :|


    You didn't specifically mention if you have checked the screen contrast parameter located in the Configuration System Settings menu.:)

    Well thats because I am not sure which parameter i changed, but if you are right shame on me :S

    However, a hard reset fixed the issue so my weekend is saved :thumbup:


    Hey Everyone,

    got my first Virus today and of course i set it all up following the manual, installed vst and firmware updates an was exploring the Virus UI. I pressed the config Button and after that turned the "Value 1" Knob. Shortly after this i looked again on the Virus Screen and it was all white. Did a lot of restarts and firmware update installs after this but when i switch on my synth everything is white until i start it USB update mode then it works properly. So the Screen Hardware is not broken... Any Tips for this problem? I was really excited about doing synth stuff all week end :(

    thanks for help