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    In cubase you have to right click on the parameter in virus control you want to add to the automation list.

    example.... if you want too add filter 2 to the automation list, hover your mouse over the filter 2 cuttoff knob (with the virus control open) and right click on it, "add to automation list" should appear, click that then it should appear in your automation lane :)

    do the same thing on any parameter in the virus control window! some parameters cant be added to the automation list though, but most can!

    try Right Clicking on the Phaser Mix, Chorus Mix, Distortion Intensity etc etc it should all work :)


    You deserve to have a free virus shipped out for you. Purely because not only does it take a kind person to help raise funds to fight an illness, but to sell such a fine, in my eyes the finest Synth to raise costs is truly a great act!!

    You my friend are a real samaritan!! :) :P

    I own a Virus Ti Keyboard and a Ti2 desktop (one in England in my home studio and one in Scotland whilst i'm studying an Audio Engineering Degree at SAE Glasgow)

    Sam A.K.A 'SJR' (UK Tech Trance Producer/DJ/soon to be record label owner :P )

    Hey man,

    Yeh the mod matrix is a bit baffling at first as there are so many modulation options available!!

    If you want to hook a filter cut off to all 3 LFO's simply use 3 Mod Matix Sources (main slots) Select LFO1, 2 and 3 for each Source and then assign them to modulate the chosen filter, in my example im modulating FILTER 1 with all 3 LFO's!!!

    [Blocked Image:]

    Hope this helps!!


    Load up 2 Hypersaws, and turn the SUB OSC all the way up, you now have a dirty DNB scratch pad to build up on, alter it with Distortion, envelopes, lfos, blah blah blah......



    I hook mine (TI Keyboard & TI2 Desktop) both up to the USB cables and enjoy the 32 channels of virus.

    although i do like to run one which i use as a soundcard, into the other and filter/effect what goes through it, especially glitch it with the atomizer etc etc.

    experiment, at least you have a virus in a portable box :)

    didn't really offer tips, but just gave my views on having two of possibly the best synths in the world ;)

    SJR :)

    yes the 3/8's and 3/16's are the Dotted timing settings

    1/3, 1/6 etc etc are triples

    but yes, they are all there :)



    I was in the same boat when I got my first virus back in 2007, I produce trance, first thing I did was flick through a fair amount of presets to see if there were any presets I liked for future reference, but there weren't enough that really took my fancy. It seems daunting having to learn what every knob and button does at first, but keep tweakin and experimenting, it will slowly begin to make sense and you will begin to enjoy the synth more and realise its power and flexibility, start off slow, and simple, disect your fave presets, see what that knob does and this button does and it will all become clear in time, I'm still learning things about mine everyday, theres nothing better than being able to make your productions unique with your own created sounds!!! :)

    Start off with the simple waveforms, spend time experimenting on each section (OSC, Filters, etc etc) before moving onto the next section :)


    I had the same problem installing my TI Keyboard and TI2 Desktop, I had to install them both about 15 times on my windows xp computer lol

    when I finally got it working, I plugged the first virus in during installation let that finish installing, then it asks you if you want to install another device, I clicked yes then plugged in the other virus when I was told to, it eventually worked, but it took time!!!

    best thing to do is email support really!!!

    you'll get it eventually :)

    make sure you remove all installed viruses before hand, and try from scratch, make sure you have the latest virus installer suite installed :)


    Theres another post going on right now, trying to get additional multiple ADSR's that arnt connected to anything, they are freely assignable to any parameter.

    Hopefully Access will make these the next additions :)


    It would be great to have multiple ADSR's, like NI's Massive

    It would offer so many more modulation possibilities!!!

    SJR :)

    I went through the same problems when I got my first virus in 2007.

    Found it hard to work with and make the sounds I wanted, after lots of practice I am now able to make the majority of sounds needed for my productions, just keep tweakin, you'll get there eventually dude :)


    go into the device settings for your sound card in your software application eg. cubase, fruityloops etc

    look for audio settings for your soundcard, should be there somewhere.

    once there, make sure the sound device is set to VIRUS TI ASIO Driver.

    if it is set to some sort of DIRECT X audio driver it does not work properly, i had the exact same problem.

    try it and let me know if it works.

    when i changed my sound device settings from DIRECT X AUDIO to VIRUS TI ASIO - it worked properly without any timing or sound issues

    Sam (SJR) :)