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    i took timo's advice and installed the 3.3.00 beta release. installed to right directories and everything. now when i open up my project which i started a month ago before the problem happened, the virus does not respond and will not load up the projects patches (fails to load up and sync into the project). when i open up the GUI it displays the first message i recieved during this problem "The audio driver failed to start" it also tells me that i may have too many usb devices plugged in, but i only have the virus, a hard drive and my cubase dongle plugged into the laptop. if i go into "SOUNDS AND DEVICES" in the CONTROL PANEL and look at the DRIVER FILE DETAILS every file contained within the driver has a green tick next to it but the TIAUDIO file is the only file that has no tick next to it. "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\vtiaudio.sys" has no green tick. is this normal??

    I use the virus as my soundcard and it works just fine when i am not using a DAW application, if i was just listening to music via windows media player, it works just fine.

    also, if i started a brand new project right now and loaded up the virus, it would work perfectly, i dont get it! it worked perfectly before i updated to 3.1.00 sigh, i shall email the support team now.

    the virus AUDIO Driver Version is "2.8.14" is this the latest version???

    i think that is everything for now

    yeh mate, my VC seems to be controlling everything, every knob ive turned in VC has done something its meant to for the actual sound.

    my only issue is that the fucking virus wont load up when i open my projects so i cant finish them off!!! really fucked off at the moment, it started playing up when i installed 3.1.00 and apparently there was a newer 3.1.00 which they replaced the dodgey 3.1.00 update with which fixed this but i cant find it!!! i'm annoyed because i wish i hadnt have updated to 3.1.00 now because its not working in projects ive already started, it works in new projects i start when i open up a brand new virus plug in. says it cant be detected or there is a version mis match when i know that everything is up to date.

    really struggling to figure out what the problem is!!!

    ive not had any problems with mine, it all works perfectly fine, just some projects the virus wont connect and load up to the project, says its not connected when it is and when it also works in other projects. this is annoying as i have 3 tracks almost ready for release that i cant finish because the virus wont initiate when i load up certain projects. other than that it works perfectly in the projects it chooses to work with! blaaah!! Technology eh?! :P

    hey bud

    simple building block issssss.....


    use one OSC, turn OSC BALANCE all the way towards OCS 1, set this OCS to SAWTOOTH Wave

    Turn PHASE INIT all the way up to 127 (it retriggers the wave every time u play a new note instead of letting the wave cycle constantly)

    turn Punch up about 3/4s of the way


    Turn FILTER BALANCE to -64 so only FILTER ONE is working

    Set one Filter to LP and turn FILTER ONE ENV AMOUNT up to about 50 or whatever you think sounds better.

    Turn FILTER ONE CUTOFF down to about 40-60 and turn RESO up to about 35


    this is a very simple building block to get you going to create a TBish like sound, tweak to your hearts content :D

    Sam - SJR (UK Trance) -

    Very well explained SJR and thank you...I have to say I still find it easier to do my automation using simpler and sampler but I am gonna do my next track entirely in the virus and see if I can't get used to it:)

    The main issue I have I guess is that towards the ending stages of producing a track it's imperitive (for me at least) to render it and listen to it in the car, on my laptop and in the club to make adjustments...and as we all know you have to bounce the virus parts to audio within your daw before they can be part of the render. During these final stages I always hear little automation tweaks that need to be made (a lot of them at times) and I realize it's not that big a deal to re-render after tweaking but I guess I am a product of our generation I WANT IT NOWWW. Lets see if the sound quality can be heard by keeping the sound and all of its tweaks withing the vc. THANKS SO MUCH btw! I'll let you know how it goes - Peace n Respect - GROW

    No Problems buddy, its whatever works best for you dont forget :D

    I have the same problems as you, always find something else that needs tweaking, i produce trance under the name SJR and trance tracks are always so busy you can lose track of what needs doing and what doesnt, i always do my mix downs of parts im happy with, so i tweak sections of my midi parts and once im happy with that, save the settings and mix it down so you have the audio part and put it in the relevent place, so for example, if you have 32 bars of a nice lead sound with some great automation, polish that midi section up and then mix that part down, and then focus on the next midi part for the same virus sound further along the track if u get me. just do it in sections, i personally think that diving into the track and gettin your hands dirty and really putting effort into the track creates better results and better creative flow.

    anyway, take it easy :D

    il be uploading some patch banks soon so keep an eye out :D

    SJR -

    ive just bought myself a Virus TI2 to join my TI in the studio, and im having problems installing both on the PC, it will only read one at a time whilst plugged in, im not sure if im going through the installation process properly but i seem to be, both drivers and virus's were installed and have the latest update, anyone know the solution???

    A simple building block for a dubsteb or wobble bass is similar to how i described it for GROW earlier in this section.

    simply, get a sine or a square wave, or mix the 2 together, sync them, turn the phase reset knob all the way up to 127, then take the cuttoff fairly low so its cutting off the higher frequencies.

    go to the LFO section and make some settings to the FILTER ONE or TWO Knobs, basically use the relevant Filter Knob for which ever Filter you are wanting to modulate (the filter knob is the amount of modulation applied to the relevant Filter)

    turn the LFO speed to Clock and apply the speed settins you want, 1/16th maybe

    once this is done, carry on playing with the FILTER ONE/TWO Knobs in the LFO Section and get a setting you are happy with.

    in the OSC section, try playing with the UNISON to fatten up the sound.

    add some saturation on the filter section or some distortion.

    this is just a simple way to get yourself going towards that Dubsteb sound (or one of the ways you can get close at least)

    just play around with settings till you are happy, make sure you play with the filter envelope amounts and amp envelope to further the complexity of the sound.

    just play and experiment, sorry if the description isnt very clear, im very tired, long night in the studio :P


    Great new look and forum for the Access users :D

    i have a Virus TI Keyboard and literally 2 days ago bought a TI2 Desktop as im off to university and cant take my beloved Keyboard with me :( so the smaller and more powerful TI2 is needed for this reason :D i now have 2 TI's MMMM :D had to sell my motorbike for it, but was well worth it!!


    And there is no shame in using ableton to edit your patches, its still sound design, if you are achieving a sound that your happy with, stick with it, there is no shame in it what so ever :D

    Hey bud

    a fairly simple way to do it, (this is how i usually do wobble basses)

    1. choose your wave form and get it sounding how you want it first

    2. go to the LFO Section and use LFO 1 as the parameter is already mapped that you need to use

    3. then use the OSC1 or OSC2 KNOBS or both together on the right hand side in the LFO 1 Section, this modulates the pitch of the wave form on the specified OSC

    4. set the OSC 1 or 2 knob on the LFO 1 Section to "+12" and then turn the LFO Clock SYNC ON and play around with the settings, usually 1/16th is a good one.

    5. make sure you turn "re trigger" or "trigger" (cant remember what its called) KNOB all the way up so that the LFO starts again each time you play a new note. (its under the main LFO SPEED KNOB on the LEFT HAND SIDE)

    thats pretty much how i get a wobble sound for any of my patches, i tend to only use one OSC for my bass but then turn on the Unison to fatten it up :)

    i hope this helps, if not, reply to me and ill make a patch and send you it via email and you can have a look at how ive done it :)


    yeh i agree, ive thought that would be a pretty nifty addtion, if you could load up a virus TI effects rack on any VST or Audio channel and use the reverbs, delays, all other effects and even an atomizer on that same channel, it would be amazing!!! whilst at the same time, still being able to use the Virus TI synth too!!! :D

    also id like to see a MIX knob "DRY/WET" for effects such as reverb and delay that use "SENDS" as i feel you can get more control with your effects amount this way, this may just be my personal opinion, but ive always preffered to use INSERTS instead of SENDS on my DAW's "Cubase" and "Ableton"

    So the choice of using a DRY/WET knob OR a SEND Amount Knob for each effect unit would be great :) (am i asking to much now?) it would be pretty cool if you changed the waveshaper on the virus so that you can actually open up a GUI just for the Waveshaper which will display the waveform you are currently using on whichever OSC you are using, and you should be able to grab parts of the waveform and shape them yourself!!! :) also being able to import your own waveforms to use and also mangle with the OSC functions wave shaper and effects etc etc. would be great!


    these are the biggest features that would really get me foaming at the mouth ;) :P