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    Ah well, I found it... I don't know why I didn't spot it earlier, but I simply go into System while I have Multi selected and there it is. And the MIDI channel was indeed incorrectly set for my purposes. Live and learn!

    Thanks anyway - I'm sure I'll be posting something else before long.

    Hi there - I am just beginning to get my head around my Indigo 2 synth, trying my best to interpret the manual, but mainly just hitting buttons and finding my way around that way. I've MIDI'd up my Virus to a Maschine Studio and set the Virus to Multi mode, and set the Maschine to output a different MIDI channel on every pad (1-16).

    I then choose my sounds in Multimode and play back those sounds with my Maschine pads - except, Pad 11 (channel 11) does not work!

    I've checked all the settings at the Maschine end and there seems no reason why this pad won't transmit (if I change the pad to another MIDI channel it transmits OK, so I know it's not the pad).

    On the Virus keyboard I can play Part 11 OK, so why's it not being triggered by the external pad? I've looked everywhere on the Virus menus for a way to check the MIDI receive channel of individual parts when in Multi mode, but can't find anything. Are the parts automatically assigned or can you edit them manually? If so, does anyone know how to access this menu item?

    Many thanks in advance!


    Hi People, I've just bought my first Virus, an Indigo 2 in immaculate condition. I'm trying to establish a workflow with my Maschine Studio, so wish me luck!

    Been working with sequencers now for over 30 years, owned a bunch of synths, many now sold (Korg Tritons, Moog Voyager, DX9) but back in the game with my Indigo.

    I expect I'll be seeking help from any 'experts' out there very soon! Cheers, Forresjeep19. 8)