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    I'm not sure who that comment was directed at "it's more than just some settings". Absolutely it's Apple who have made significant architectural changes - firstly the move to only supporting 64-bit (which is what this thread is about really) - and then the move to user-mode drivers going forward.

    However Access have been completely non-comital around whether they are going to update their Mac software or not. That's unacceptable. Some of us would quite happily pay for them to work on an update.

    Also I strongly disagree with your comment around the buyers of a new TI hardware being at fault and negligent if they don't research Mac compatibility. Access should be actively highlighting the Mac compatibility issue. If they aren't then it's Access that is negligent and at fault.

    The comment was made against the general sentiment going around this thread.

    Now the '64bit only' was not the killer, Access has a 64bit application available and works just fine. What killed the Virus in Catalina was the new rule to prohibit kernel extensions. The philosophy that Apple has determined where you as a user cannot determine what a computer can or cannot do within its hardware possibilities is beyond apprehension. The trend from the app store only is being propelled further on their platform and you have to tweak settings to actually be able to install 3rd party plugins, even on Mojave. It's ridiculous. All this to vendor lock you in, and so they can get their 30% piece of the pie from any sales.

    Could you as a developer (Access) have foreseen this in the past? Not really. Now the task at hand to make it compatible with the ARM architecture makes it even more complicated than it was before and boy it would mean a full code overhaul. So I'll go on a limb here and guess that Apple knew what was coming and correctly scheduled it on their last intel branch models and quote 'security' as their main reason, taking away scrutiny from the M1 that would have caused the same issues and even on a lower architectural level.

    As for my previous statement about Access not being at fault for Integration part, I stand by it. Also they do their due diligence by making sure the information is available on their site and forum that Mac currently has issues. The one part where I do agree with you, is that their transparency in regards to the future and a possible resolve, are sub-par.

    Hey Jamesfarrell,

    So back when the shit hit the fan, I was still on Mojave. When Catalina came out, I did not upgrade because the Virus Ti is my most important piece of gear in the studio and waited patiently. Sadly, no solution came. It is my understanding that the plugin still works on Catalina and also midi over usb. What does not work is audio over usb and also the Virus Control Center with which you upgrade firmware, manage sounds and backups.

    So I bought a Macbook Pro 2018 i7 32GB in january 2019. While this whole catalina thing unfolded, I've started noticing that my 3300€ laptop + peripherals were experiencing alot of thermal throttling on that machine. To my dismay I found out while producing, most of the time only 32% of my max core speed could be achieved and performance in Ableton started to be worse than my previous 5 year old windows 10 i7 16gb laptop. So to cut my losses, I sold the laptop in december for 2500€ and cut my losses. Eventually I ended up buying a tower this time since I realised 95% of the time work at my own studio and not on the road as 5 years ago. So I bought a Ryzen 9 3950X 16c/32t processor, 64GB Ram and A 1TB nvme on gen4 for about €3000.

    Never had a problem since.

    My main DAW is Ableton Live 10 and Audition for tracking. I play around with VCV Rack, Mashine, FL Studio. I previously worked with Reason and Cubase.

    People used to buy Macs for solid performance and ease of use at the cost of a premium price. Those are no longer the days people.

    So I believe you want to midi control the parameters inside the Virus Ti from Ableton?

    1. Add Virus Ti

    2. Click the configure button in the wrapper

    3. Select in the native virus ti which parameters you want to control

    4. Click configure again to close the parameter learning.

    5. Click Midi in the top right.

    6. Select the parameter in the wrapper you want to control with a controller.

    7. turn the physical controller knob. A relationship has been formed between the 2.

    8. Add more relationships.

    9. Click midi again to disable the config environment.

    10. Play around.

    If you are talking about the generic controller 3, 9, etc,... inside of the VirusTi (like the physical macro buttons) don't forget to define them in the mod matrix to their wanted actions.

    Also in arrangement view, you can just automate them on the timeline or you can control it inside the midi clip:

    In fairness, Apple changed their architecture and security policies (Catalina), rendering the software obsolete. So it's more than just some settings. Access on the other hand released their last product in 2009 and have only been maintaining the code base.

    When I read these forums, it's like everybody is mad at Access while in fact they should be mad at Apple... They made the changes, they rendered your 2K toys useless if you counted on the integration. Also everyone complaining about buying a new virus ti and not having the integration were negligent on their part for not doing the research.

    So imo you have 3 choices:

    1. Use the Virus as a standalone synth over midi.

    2. Enable dualboot/bootcamp on your mac so you can manage your sounds with the Virus Control Center while keeping their production via midi and analog outs inside Mac OS.

    3. Switch over to Windows.

    I did the latter in february 2020 and have been enjoying my full user experience with total integration from my Virus Ti from 2005. Anyway, solutions are to be found for those who do not want to be blind...


    If you are on Windows, for €89 you can get damn close with Adam Szabo' Viper vst.

    I use Viper while I'm on the road and don't have access to my Virus Ti. It is completely modeled after the Virus architecture and does a wonderful job. It's not 100% there, but for 90% I'll take it for portability. Imo the depth and the richness is sometimes missing, but the character that makes the Virus the Virus, is there.