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    Has anyone figured out how to send MIDI to multiple Virus Control plugin channels via Maschine yet? If so, please do tell! If I can get this dialed, I could see Maschine + Virus TI keyboard + additional FX box as my main compositional/live rig. I LOVE these two pieces of kit. If I can get all 16 Virus channels going, I will be excited!

    The H8000FW is the best effects processor out there, in my opinion. It is very deep and intricate; if you choose to program your own effects, it will keep you busy for a lifetime. I prefer the 8000 over the 7600 because it has more inputs & outputs. Both are amazing, though. The Eventide Eclipse is also really good, but not really close to the H8000.

    The Fractal Audio Axe Ultra is also an excellent effects processor that is more geared towards emulating stompboxes and guitar amps/cabs. It features chorus', delays, distortion, etc. It is priced between the Eclipse and the H8000. It's pretty awesome, too.

    To be honest, though, I find the Virus effects to be amazing; especially the distortion. I prefer the Eventide chorus and pitch shifting effects, but I like the distortion on the Virus better. We only use the Eventide on analog synths (which have limited internal effects) and vocals, really.

    I have been having this issue frequently, too (w/ latest OS, in Live 8). When I have this problem, I unplug all the cables, re-insert the power cable while holding down "Arp Edit" for awhile, then plug back in the usb cable. This works, but I am tired of having to do this all of the time! This always happens when I change the DAW sample rate from 41khz. Is there a way to fix this?

    It seems to me that one of the coolest and most unique sounding features of the Virus are all the wavetable oscillators, especially with the complex formant and granular types. I do not have much experience using wavetable synths, and I often find it difficult to combine the wave osc's with other ocs' (traditional saw/square/sine or other wavetables). I would really like to learn some advanced techniques utilizing these waveforms. This seems like a great way to get some nasty, super-digital timbres out of the Virus.

    Does anyone have any advice, tips or techniques for using the wavetable/granular/formant osc's? Perhaps using F-Shift, FM, F-Spread, etc? Modulation ideas?

    Chewie & Zeno: I'm sure I'm not alone, but I'd love it if you guys would drop some more patch design knowledge. Those tips are $$$. More please!

    Also, how do you set up LFO 3 to crossfade between LFO 1 & LFO 2's rates? I assume you do this via the Mod Matrix, but I can't figure it out.


    Drifta: ahh, the Lock function! I never use that (mainly 'cause I forget about it). Another good tip...thanks!

    Sonis: could you please describe how you were able to automate the synced LFO clock? I haven't seen that option available to me in my automation lanes in either Live 8 or Logic 8.

    Thanks, Man...this is spot on. I was struggling to figure out how to automate the synced LFO to acheive the movement I was looking for. I was doing it manually, and the results were not what I was going for (it's hard to keep it on time and in the range of 1/8 to 1/32 manually). Running two or three patches with different LFO rates, and then editing them makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the great tip!

    Any more Virus dubstep tricks out there?

    Good thread...I'd love to hear more ideas on how to program those nasty dubstep-type bass patch sounds. There's obviously more than just the wobble, though. What other techniques are being used to get those dirty sound that have lots of movement in them?