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    skittb123 you’re not understanding. The software BREAKS the ability to get any sound out of the Virus. Even after you uninstall it. Previously you couldn’t even get sound coming through the USB. I’m showing you that the native Catalina drivers recognize the virus as a sound card and there is absolutely a point to using it as one. It was my exclusive sound card previously and others also.

    I’m warning people not to install the software until Access updates it or they’re gonna have to reinstall the whole OS to fix what the program breaks just like I did.

    rdobda usb midi won’t work with or without the program but the program will break other things. Don’t install it.

    yeah do NOT install anything from Access or it will completely break even being able to use it as a sound card. I had to reinstall Catalina 10.15.5 to fix it even after uninstalling Access stuff

    Interesting. Does USB Audio also work in the Plugin?

    Now it won't show up at all. Audio out was working and it showed 6 Inputs 2 Outputs in Audio Midi Setup, it could be used as a sound card with a FRESH Catalina install. I installed the Virus Software and it broke it, uninstalled it, now it won't show up at all in audio. Im gonna have to fresh install now to keep it active in audio so that I can copy over whatever it is the virus program broke..

    UPDATE: I ran the Catalina installer again, chose my existing mac install and it just overwrote it and kept my data / programs :) So, I can use the Virus TI as a sound card again using 10.15.5 ! If you want to at least use it as a sound card, uninstall the Virus TI software, and then run the Catalina installer so you have a "fresh install" but it will keep your programs and such.

    This is GREAT news! I hope Access hasn't given up and start working on the Big Sur compatibility. Forget Catalina lol

    Hello, I am getting BSODs and more frequent hangs on my Virus TI Snow since the new Windows update. A lot of audio related drivers including my Focusrite needed an update to be compatible with 1903. Could we get updated / optimized drivers for the Virus TI Snow? I ruled out any possible USB issues by doing a FRESH install.. TWICE. A NEW PCI USB card that only the Virus TI is connected to, a new USB cable, and I set up the Virus TI correctly each and every time. (Not plugging it into the computer until the installers prompts you to do so)

    Attached is a photo of one of the BSODs related to one of the VIrus's driver. Downgrading the operating system is not a viable option as we will be forced (or have been already) forced to upgrade. I downgraded once already to 1809 and was upgraded again.

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