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    Me again - (apologies to everyone who already knows this) but, having had to refamiliarise myself with the controls on the face of the synth by reading the manual, I've discovered that the TI in Virus TI2 stands for 'Total Integration' specifically BECAUSE of the plugin integration with the DAW.

    Given that (and I'm only just realising this now - again, late to the party) this is the USP for the Synth I now completely understand why people are so frustrated....

    Rebrand the Synth as 'Virus SI' (some integration - ie if you have a PC)? :P

    Hi all,

    I treated myself to a new MBP 16 and am gutted that new models cannot be downgraded from Catalina so (like everyone else) eagerly awaiting a 64bit version of this software allowing a return to simple, plugin driven beat-making.

    Whilst I'm not as ticked off with Access Music as some others (the impact on me being relatively low) I do know this is not the case for everyone and effect may be significantly different based on your current setup. As such, better visibility and communication of what's going on (rather than people being forced to make assumptions) would allow informed decision making - ranging from the nuclear option; sell device, or whether to splash out (minimum?) few hundred quid on MIDI and Audio Devices plus cables or, as in my case, simply to understand whether to go through the mild annoyance of re-racking/wiring studio due to inconvenient current placement of the TI2 desktop (having never had to access the front panel during workflow before) - Doh!

    In terms of software alternatives, has anyone actually tried this product mentioned above?

    'These folks have their own product, minus the audio though, but the UI looks polished and similar to VC. They are also working on Catalina compatibility though.


    If so, any feedback for the group (specifically, me)? :/ -- As mentioned above, my issue is that I'd like to control the Synth from via a plugin (rather than rearranging studio to gain access to the front panel) if this does the job semi-decently, and achieves Catalina compatibility, I will happy buy a license to keep me ticking over until (if?) the Access offering is released.

    Losing audio via USB is less of a bugbear... although I would like it back, if possible :)