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    i hope is not the hardware...2 weeks without crashings.

    Thanks for the reply

    PD: Is anyway to know if im having a hardware problem with my virus?

    Hi everyone:

    Recently i have been experience an issue with my Ti2 desktop, it all start when i move from windows bootcamp to macOs trying to solve some sync issues, im ussing a macbook pro 2012, with Win 10 Pro or Osx Mojave & Cubase 10.5 legit.

    When im in Cubase, it doesnt metter if the project is running or stop, suddenly the volume explode to its maximun and stays like this until i turn off the speakers, cause neather the knob volume of my genelec 8330, neether the volumen of the ti2 works properly.

    The sound is very hard, like a Sawtooth overloaded. In my main metter, i can see that the left chanel is overloaded, and the right is fine, but in other times i experienced the problem both channels were overloaded.

    Now i return to bootcamp, but the problem persist...

    Any clues about it?


    Hi Everyone:

    Im Using Windows 10 and my virus ti2 as main audio interface, plugged media USB to my pc, and connected to my monitors by output 1, and Everytime i open a Daw (Cubase, Ableton) I experience Harsh Pops and Clicks in my monitors. Also if for example im seeing a video, the sound of the video change...(for example voices turn lower and slower)

    Is this a connection problem? a setting problem or is just that the Virus cant handle 2 parallel audio process like DAW & Youtube for example. In the past i didnt have these problems...many times im seeing tutorials and working in DAW without probems, but now is all the time and im worried about my audio monitors because the sound is very hard.

    I hope someone can guide me in this ...please.