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    Cool man, glad to be of service!

    Another cool trick to try out is the LOCK SECTION function.

    Consider locking the filter and/or the LFO sections, and then changing the patch to see what other cool wobble sounds the Virus comes up with! :D

    Hey dude,

    I presume you're making dubstep or something similar?

    Well, it's impossible to automate a synced LFO with the Virus (this feature has been enabled in the new version of NI Massive though, if I'm not mistaken?) so how I overcome this problem is to just drag the patch that you've made to a new Virus channel, change the LFO rate, and then cut and chop your bass melody (MIDI region) over the corresponding Virus MIDI channels - please tell me if this makes any sense, cos I'm quite bad at putting these things into words! Lol!

    If you wanna hear an example of what I've just tried to explain, check out this tune: (0:31 to 1:53) or this tune: (0:02 to 0:31)