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    This sounds like the same problem i've been having, it is detailed in my thread here:…?page=Thread&threadID=713

    I have updated the thread with new information since Marc replied to it initially, but have not received any more information since then. (it did take me a while to update it tho, as i had to find the time to perform the changes Marc suggested)

    Basically reducing the soundcard latency setting as Timo suggests above does not fix the problem, i set my motu 828 down to it's lowest buffer setting and the latency problem remained.

    If i start a blank project with only one virus part the latency is gone, no problem. As i described in my thread the latency issues only appear once several parts/outputs are used, very much like the poster of this thread describes.

    Once the latency appears, recording new midi data in the project through the VC plugin is basically impossible because of the delay in hearing the sound once a key is pressed. All my midi data appears ahead of time on the grid by almost a 1/16th note, because i'm compensating for the delay by playing the keys earlier so as to hear the sound in time with the rest of the instruments during recording.

    Ok i've had some time to follow this up, & re-read the cubase tutorial. I think this tutorial is really out of date, it is for cubase sx3 and an old version of virus control - and it focusses on using the virus as an audio interface, when surely the majority of people with a virus ti would be using dedicated sound hardware?

    Anyway, changing the buffer sizes doesn't have a noticeable effect on the latency problem.

    I loaded the cubase tutorial song, i had to remove the TI audio busses that were not mapped since i'm using external audio hardware, and add in the motu main out bus + remap the outputs. After this i got the song to play, and then experimented with adding a new part and recording from the keyboard - there was no noticeable latency during recording, all the notes sit perfectly on the grid without needing quantising and playback exactly as played in.

    I can replicate this trouble free scenario by starting a blank project and adding a single part in the TI. However when i re-load the current project i'm working on, the latency from anything i play through virus control returns, and any midi data i record is as described in the original post, significantly ahead of time on the grid due to having to strike the key early to hear the sound at the correct time. The prevous two projects i've tried to use the TI in have behaved the same, fine at the beginning then as the project gets more complex and more parts are used in the TI the latency becomes unusable for recording. I'm only using 4 parts in this project from the TI, and a handful of VST's on a core i7 with 6 gig ram and nothing else on the usb bus the TI is connected to, so i can't imagine that the project is too complex for the resources i have available. The processor is not even hitting 50% load during playback.

    I thought everything was working pretty nicely after all my upgrades to win7 64, Cubase 5 and a motu 828 - but now that i've got a few patches loaded into VC at once in a project i'm finding the latency playing the TI keyboard is horrific. I can slowly tap a key, and hear no sound until my finger has already left the keyboard, any midi notes i record while it is like this are dramatically out of time, ahead on the grid by almost a 1/16th spacing! (ahead if i play the keys so i hear the sound in time.. IE i'm compensating by pressing the key almost a 16th note early, in order to hear it at the right time.)

    If i change the midi channel from the TI keyboard triggering the VirusControl plugin, to triggering a regular VST, the latency dissappears and sound is heard pretty much instantly.. it is evident only when the VirusControl is the midi target.

    The buffer settings are 96 samples, on a motu 828 mk3. It is not related to sound hardware / configuration because i had the same problem with my previous sound hardware, m-audio 2496. I thought the motu would solve my problems, it has eliminated the sound hardware from the equation, pointing the finger pretty squarely i believe at the VC plugin/drivers.

    There is nothing else on the USB bus, only a mouse on a separated port. The motu is firewire. The rest of the system is lightning, Core i7, 6gb Ram, Velociraptor disk system.

    I'm just using the USB outs to monitor and record for simplicity sake at this stage, and because the USB audio is supposed to be latency compensated, but it does not work as it should.

    I would appreciate some tips to get to the source of this problem, but at this stage i suspect it is embedded in the beta virus control plugin / drivers.

    Mostly seems to be the same note for me, tho i couldn't say for sure, i haven't run midi monitor to catch it, just noticed it playing a very short, low note sometimes when i haven't touched the keyboard. It's happened a few times when i haven't even been sitting at the desk anywhere near it, so i doubt it's a physical issue with the keyboard.

    It doesn't happen very often tho, i would say if i sit down and spend 2 to 3 hours using it i might notice it happen once or twice at the most usually in that timeframe. However there are some other mystery behaviours i've noticed that i think are related to this issue.

    I was using the TI keyboard to control sylenth1 at one stage, and i recall the sylenth patch spontaneously changing on me during play a couple of times, as if the TI had sent a program change sysex in a similar fashion to the mystery note.. So maybe it's not always just a low c but perhaps some other midi data is output more often that can't always be heard, only noticed if something receives it as a meaningful signal, like a patch change.

    Another possibly related behaviour is the keyboard transpose, the transpose light on the TI does not change by itself, but suddenly i will find that the notes played are an octave lower. It happens about as often as the mystery note, it's like an infrequent tick in the OS that causes either a low note to play or some strange patch change/transpose message to be sent to whatever is receiving the midi data in the sequencer. I've been using the TI keyboard alot to control a Nexus 2 piano sound recently, and this is where i've noticed the transpose issue happening. It would be really interesting to find out, if the same midi message that is treated as a patch change in sylenth, is treated as a transpose down message in nexus.

    For my home recording purposes they are annoying but not detrimental problems, but if you were using the TI in a live stage situation it could be very embarrassing!

    Well i came on here because i'm having the same problem and i was hoping there would be a solution..

    Cubase 5, Windows 7, i7 920 / EVGA X58 / Corsair XMS3, Ti1 keyboard, beta OS 3.3.0, motu 828 Mk3.

    Pretty much the same as others have described, if i start a new project and open the VC plugin from scratch it seems to work everytime, but work on that project for a while, save it, then come back and try to open it again and most of the time i get the "audio driver failed" message in the VC plugin window.

    Can't find a way around it except shutting down cubase & the TI, restarting the PC and trying again.. just seems to be pot luck i can't find a specific method to get it to work consistently even after a full power off / restart of everything.

    Needless to say it's more than a little frustrating having to restart the computer 2 - 3 times before i can open a project to keep working on it.

    This turned out to simply be an issue with the Virus USB drivers not installing correctly under Windows 7. It was resolved thanks to a post by another member in a thread about windows 7 usb drivers.

    Simply locating the Virus TI midi and audio devices in 'Other Devices' under device manager, and manually installing the drivers from the Virus TI 'Audiodrivers' folder has resolved the issues. Cubase can now receive and record midi over USB from the virus.

    With the official release of Windows 7 in a few days i guess this information should be more widely known!

    -Edit hmm just noticed the recorded midi notes are slightly out of time, ahead of time it seems? wierd.. next problem to solve i guess :|

    Thanks for your input. Yeah that makes sense to have local control off assuming the midi data can be received in cubase and sent to the VC plugin to make the sounds via the TI, but as you say there must be a problem or something i've missed because the virus software did not install any USB midi inputs that cubase can select.

    I did log a support request yesterday and just linked to this thread in the request since i went into it in detail here. I'm presuming that's allowed ? I've had no reply as yet.

    In the meantime, i've connected a din style midi cable to the virus, and i'm using my soundcards midi interface to receive data from the Virus, but in this case when i open the VC plugin the midi output of the virus is also turned off. So i have to use the SPDIF out on the virus with the din midi out in order to get both sound and midi into cubase, both via my soundcard. This works but there is no sync between cubase and the virus.. the BPM led is out of whack and hence i'm sure the onboard delay is not in time with my sequencer either. So this is not really a solution just a stop gap to get started with a project. Essentially using this setup i am totally un-integrated!

    So there must be a logical step to make the virus midi output receivable into cubase via the usb connection, so i can use the VC plugin all sync'd up and access the patch browser etc.. I'm a bit dissappointed so far that this seemingly basic and fundamental requirement does not seem to get any mention in the documentation or tutorial..

    Hi, i've only had my TI for a few days but despite searching all the forums and reading all the relevant manual sections and the cubase setup tutorial, i cannot find any information on this simple requirement.

    The TI is connected via USB to cubase SX3. The Virus control plugin loads and detects the virus, and receives midi data from the knobs, but no sound is heard when i play the keyboard. The only way i can get sound at all so far, is to use the edit button on the TI itself and change the keyboard config "Local" to ON. (Which gives me a message that i shouldn't do this in Sequencer Mode, so what exactly am i supposed to do?)

    I have a midi channel setup with the Virus TI as the output, but i do not have "Virus TI" as a midi input option. Only my default sound card midi is visible in the input section.

    So how do i get the TI to show up in cubase as a midi controller ? I've tried using the virus control plugin to enable remote and choose the virus template but that does not install any midi input device for cubase to see.

    I just want to play the TI keyboard and record the notes and controller changes into cubase midi channel strips like i would through a normal usb midi controller, using sounds from the virus.

    I can't begin to work on a project until i find out how to do this because i can't record anything! Please help..