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    I must say I'm sometimes afraid of touching the chassis of my Virus.
    I once had a defective power supply, that made my fuses blow immediately when I plugged a MIDI cable into the Virus. :thumbsup:
    (the other end of the MIDI cable was already connected to my PC soundcard, which is of course grounded)

    If I plugged the MIDI cable first, then the power supply, it went fine ... for a few hours. Then, my fuses would eventually blow.
    The store where I bought the Virus got me a replacement power supply for free, and now it's working fine.
    Except that I sometimes feel some electricity in my fingers when I'm plugging the power supply (if I touch the Virus and the metallic part of the power supply connector).

    I have the feeling that in some ways, plugging a MIDI cable grounds the synth. AFAIK the MIDI connections are supposed not to electrically connect devices, but maybe it does not stand for shielding?

    I don't understand your choice. Why not keep the Virus and use it in stand alone mode?
    Most of the issue the users are facing here are related to the Virus Control plugin, not the synth. So if you use good old MIDI (over USB or not) you will be fine.

    This just doesn't seem logical . I've got to be missing something !

    Yes, you are :)
    Of course you can save patches AND one automation for each track!
    Why do you think you have to go "back to standalone mode"?
    Maybe I was a little bit unclear when I said that "you had to record them in real-time" : this only means that you can't render/bounce/record/freeze a track faster than real-time, as VSTi usually allow. It does not mean you have to PLAY you track (with your fingers) to record it! Your DAW will do it for you.
    Just stick to Ruari advice, he has explained all.

    I'm using Ableton Live, here's how I usually work : I redirect the audio output of the virus to an audio track, then I select this track for recording and I hit play. The MIDI track controlling the Virus takes care of sending notes and automation, while the audio track ends up being filled with all the Virus-originating part of my song.
    When I want to render my song, I mute the output of the Virus, and enable the output of the audio track.
    This is a way of getting the Virus early out of the rendering process, which does not occur in real-time, but as fast as the computer allows it.

    I just added a README file that should answer your questions. I'm not sure if I'm being exhaustive here, so if you have more questions, don't hesitate, I will add them to the file! I don't know a lot about Cubase, infortunately, but I assume you know the basics, like creating a MIDI track, assigning it an output, etc.

    Here's a link to the README file : here


    of course, it's possible. There's a Virus MIDI CC list somewhere, I don't remember the link but that shouldn't be hard to find.
    The only drawback is that because of the limited number of MIDI CC (128 controllers max) there are some Virus parameters which aren't assigned a MIDI CC. You can automate those by remapping them using the MOD matrix.

    By the way, if you're planning to ditch the Virus Control, why don't you have a look at my Virus TI patch-holder VST plugin ? :D

    When the USB is plugged on the Virus, the physical MIDI ports are routed to "Virus TI MIDI" (in and out), which is a virtual MIDI port accessible from USB. It all behaves exactly as if this part of the Virus became an independant USB-MIDI interface.
    If you want, you can route it (from your sequencer, or using midi-ox) to "Virus TI Synth" (the virtual MIDI port used to talk to the synth part of the Virus). I find this a lot more flexible than what you're proposing, and I would not want the Virus to merge MIDI data coming from USB with MIDI data coming from the physical MIDI input port.

    My setup takes advantage of this behaviour this way : my MIDI keyboard is plugged to the physical MIDI input port of the Virus. The Virus and the computer are connected via USB. If the computer is off, I can play music directly from my MIDI keyboard. When I switch my computer on, the Virus detects the USB connection and routes MIDI coming from the physical input to the computer. Then I can launch a sequencer and tell it to listen on "Virus TI MIDI" and to output to "Virus TI Synth" (or to the track where lives the Virus Control, if using VC).

    I don't know if I'm clear, but my point is that


    record an playback parameters automation via MIDI (old way style, like Virus C) and keep the use of Virus Control at the same time

    is already possible.

    1) At point #4, through which MIDI interface are going the notes?
    2) At point #6, is the little note icon showing up in the bottom right corner of the LCD display of your Virus?

    BTW , what do you see in your "Inputs 2/2" ? Mine reads:
    Mode: Default
    Source: Analog
    Characteristic: Linear.

    I'm not sure it makes a difference, I'm just surprised mode can be set to "USB" even when the VirusControl plugin is not being used.

    My TI Desktop 1 is always connected to USB, and I can always hear sound through the analog outputs.
    Here are my surround output settings :
    Output : Off
    Balance: -64

    BTW, what you're trying to do can definitely be done, it's been my way of working for several years ; I mean using the "Virus TI Synth" (virtual MIDI USB interface), but without VirusControl plugin.