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    In regards to the the global settings for the three assignable soft knobs I have Soft knob 1 and 2 turned off because I don't use them and Soft knob 3 I have the target set to "patch volume" so I can make volume adjustments to the current patch more easily.

    Knob behavior

    Response = Snap

    Display Time = 64

    Target = Internal+Midi

    This is how I have had mine set up since I first received it. I just tested Soft knob 3 to see if Snap mode is working when making volume adjustments between the different parts 1-16 and its not remembering the knob position between the different parts. So on part 1 I raise the volume to max127 then switch to part 2 and lower it to zero and then switch back again to part 1 when I go to adjust the volume instead of waiting till I reach volume of 127 before I can lower it like Snap mode is supposed to work it just jumps down to volume zero as soon as I start to turn it.

    I just updated the newly received "used" Virus TI2 to the latest OS version I checked the global settings and have everything set accordingly with Snap mode selected. I tested saved sounds from my RAM drive that were loaded to patches 1 and 2 and I am coming up with the same result. Snap mode doesn't seem to work. After switching to a different part making knob adjustments and then switching back to part 1, the initial knob movement causes the value to jump relative to the actual knob position instead of reaching the threshold and then responding.

    Support says that its not an issue with this version but apparently it is! Both these TI2's are doing it. I'm so confused. Am I missing something here?

    Is this user error or what? Is anyone else experiencing issues with Snap mode just not working at all?

    HI Oli, I have been working with Access after putting in a ticket regarding this issue.. and well, long story short they said the problem I am experiencing would be software related not hardware and that this issue isn't something that has been previously reported by other Virus TI2 owners and with the current OS version this bug shouldn't exist. I tried everything they told me that might have fixed it and nothing worked so then I uploaded a video to Dropbox and sent them a link as confirmation of the issue which I have attached.…tVJk9OJbQ_P1sL2ORKFI/view

    My explanation of the video which was provided to support is below. They had me remove the unit from any other midi connection and complete the steps to reset the Global settings to default by hold ARP+EDIT then powering on the unit. Following the procedure I changed the Knob behavior back to SNAP mode to test the unit.

    "One thing I want to point out is that sometimes (randomly) the SNAP feature will work as intended but majority it doesn't and instead jumps as you will see in this video. This is what I have been experiencing. You will see that SNAP works 3 of the 12 times I perform filter sweeps using the cutoff knob. If you watch closely you will see that the very first time I perform the filter sweep, SNAP works as intended after that you will see it JUMPS instead again until the 8th filter sweep where SNAP will work again as intended then fails again till the 10th sweep (works) then fails again after."

    To answer your question "How is your Target set? Did you try tweak the other Knob Behavior settings?"

    I am not sure what you mean about how my Target is set. and as far as other Knob behavior settings the only ones I know of are the ability to switch between JUMP, SNAP, and REL or OFF. For me turning it to OFF works as intended none of the knobs work. Selecting REL and SNAP I have the same issue where the knob movement causes the sound to jump like in the video.

    I just want to point out, I've tried to test this in Multi mode and single mode and have the same issue. I pretty much exclusively use my unit in Sequence mode and that is how it was tested in the video and that patch used for testing was saved on my RAM slot. So I am toggling between Parts 1 and 2 where part 1 has the saved sound "Pipsqw3kBC" to RAM-A slot 0 and part 2 which has no sound saved to it.

    *Also wanted to note that I bought a 2nd Virus TI2 that was running OS version 5.04.02 when I received it and it also has the same problem where SNAP mode isn't working in Sequence mode. I'm going to try and upgrade it to the latest version by downloading the new OS from Virus website and testing it out then. I hope to hear back I'm just really frustrated with this now and feel like I can't use my machine as I had intended. I haven't made music since this problem started over six months ago.

    I have also had this problem and reached out to support. I'm currently using the latest OS 5.1.7

    I downgraded to 5.0.3 to test it and same results. So I'm back now with 5.1.7 just scratching my head.

    My Virus TI2 desktop was always set to have knob behavior as Snap. Recently when I turned it on after not using it for at least a month I noticed that when I was trying to tweak my saved patches in multi mode between different parts that when I would switch back to different parts even thought its showing Snap mode any movement of the knob would make it jump to that new value, so its acting like its set to Jump. I tried in Rel mode and it still jumps.

    Another user mentioned that in the manual it kinda mentions that by setting the Global knob behavior it would only effect the 3 programmable soft knobs below the screen. But from my recollection and use of the Virus TI over the past year with Snap mode being set all of the 28 knobs operated in snap mode. That is how I would tweak live between my parts seamlessly. Unless I'm going completely mad I'm pretty sure something isn't working right with my machine suddenly. Can anyone confirm this? I wanted to also mention that I tested snap mode on the soft knobs and its still acting like in jump mode.

    Hi olli, thanks for the response,

    I read that portion of the manual. I want to say that from my experience using the TI when Snap mode was set in the global settings, it affected all the knobs on the unit not just the three soft knobs located below the screen. I assigned Soft knob value 3 for all of my parts to Part Volume and when I tested to see if snap mode was working with that Soft Knob it still jumps

    I've put in a support ticket about this problem were currently trying to figure it out. So far what they had me do hasn't worked. If anyone else had had this issue and fixed it please let me know because this Snap mode for knob movements is essential for me for live performance.

    I noticed out of nowhere that my Access Virus TI2 knobs functionality isn't working as it should be in Snap mode. Instead, it seems to think it's in Jump mode because that's what it is doing its keeps jumping when the knobs are moved after switching between parts. I don't understand why this is happening, I've been working with it in Snap mode for a long time, and suddenly now when I switch between parts back and forth the knob I adjust jumps like it shouldn't. Keep in mind that I use my virus in multimode and the sounds I am testing this out on are all sounds that have been saved to my RAM slots, and im moving between different part numbers using the Part selection buttons.

    I'm currently running OS 5.1.7 and I was told by support that there was no known issues with Snap mode in OS version 5.1.7

    An attempt to fix this problem was made after support suggested resetting the unit. (not to factory) but Instead resetting the (Global settings). Resetting the unit was done by the following "Reset the unit by holding down the Arp section "EDIT" button for a few seconds while the unit is in standby mode. Whenever this is done and the TI have booted up" This process solely resets the global settings of the unit.

    After completing this process, I tested the unit by making sure Snap mode was selected, and still noticed that the knob movement seem to be jumping. I'm testing this by adjusting the cutoff 1 knob between Parts 11 and 12. I adjusted the cutoff 1 knobs for both parts to 0 to start. I then selected part 12 and raised cutoff 1 to 50 then switched back to part 11 and as soon as knob motion was received it jumped to 50. If I go back and forth with them from 50 to 0 its the same results. The sounds on these parts were previously saved patches the RAM drives. I do want to mention a few times during my testing I think that Snap worked but it was random I was trying to wait a few seconds after switching parts for it to maybe load fully like that may have been something, 3 seconds but it didn't always snap then for me. So it's not a matter of waiting for the patch to load. I never remember having any issues like this. I always had snap mode selected with no problems.

    I was told to test the unit completely removed from any other Midi devices. Support was thinking a possible Midi loop could be causing it. This was not the case, I tested it using 3 different midi sequencers, Social Entropy Engine, Elektron Digitakt and the Elektron Octatrack separately. Each time I only had the Midi IN of the virus plugged into the Midi OUT of the sequencer. No other midi cables were plugged into either of the machines during testing. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the same result. Snap mode is essentially operating as if it's in Jump mode. Release mode was tried with the same result its behaving like Jump mode. Turning input to off works as expected. I also tested using two different midi cables for the sake of it. I've been using this virus for well over a year now and suddenly I noticed my knob movements were no longer snapping. It was very obvious and I'm very confused. Pretty much makes it useless to me for live PA.

    This issue is not related to the Soft knobs and Snap mode. Its different. I read the posts on that already.

    If anyone can please help, this issue has pretty much stopped me dead in my tracks as far as progressing musically as I was intending. ?(

    Thanks so much for reading through!

    I still have this problem :(

    I just got my Virus TI2.. My problem is exactly the same. I came from using a Virus B and Snap mode was what I used to keep things level. For some reason I can't even manage to set the INIT Volume for individual parts with the TI. Its like it just completely ignores what I tell it to do! So annoying.. If I can't figure these things out this synth is useless for my live set up!