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    I just visited the page and listened to the demos...

    I friggin' love you guys!

    Can't wait!

    Those of us that like glitchy experimental sounds are really getting some love with this update!

    I just read in another thread that recursive modulation may lead to didgy patches, glitches etc. (Mark said it was 'not recommended', despite the examples in Howard Scarr's Synth Tutorials) Any chance of having curve parameters for attack and delay?

    I experienced simular problems when I first got my Snow, was a total headache, and took a lot of experimenting and tweeking to get it running smoothly. Since I also use FL Studio, I'll tell you what I did to get it running smoothly, hope it helps. (My Snow is working perfectly in both FL Studio 9 and Ableton Live 8 now)

    1. I updated the operating system to the latest beta (3.3)
    2. Disabled 'power saving' feature of my USB ports on my laptop (not sure if this helped)
    3. Disabled my laptop's inbuilt webcam, (it was pre-allocated USB bandwidth)
    4. Don't raise the audio interface buffer above 512 samples

    These fixes solved all syncing, pitch-glitching, pops and farts etc...

    To fix the latencty issue, I found a very useful post on the infekted forum. Basically it's instructions on how to set up a basic template
    with latency correction:

    -First, rename channel 1 in the fruity mixer to 'Delay Master' - route all non-virus audio tracks to this channel, rather than the master.

    -Put the virus on channel 2, use channel 2 for the virus' USB1 output, and channel 3 for USB2, channel 4 for USB3

    (Don't route these tracks to the channel 1 delay master track!)

    -Select the Master channel in the and set the delay compensation to 85ms. (this number remains constant regardless of the buffer settings on the virus audio interface settings, or whatever audio interface your using)

    & Remember to route any new software synth/samplers etc to the Channel 1 'Delay Master' channel

    I hope this helps. I know how frustrating it was for me. It's a pain in the arse, but very much worth it when it's all working properly!


    I managed to solve my own problem, and thought I'd post the solution in case anyone else has a simular problem.

    I'd been having trouble with 'clicks and pops', and losing sync with Ableton and FL Studio. I tried a bunch of different things I saw on forums, and what finally worked was disabling my laptop's inbuilt web-cam. Since it shares bandwidth with the USB bus, and had a preset amount of resources dedicated to it by default, disabling it in the device manager gave me a lot more USB bandwidth. Now it runs like a dream. Hope this helps someone.

    How about a MIDI to MIDI plugin that sends only Note, CC & Sysex parameters to the Master Virus TI plugin, I think that would solve a lot of problems people are having with automation, and surely that's possible. It would certainly streamline production not having to look up through my list of CC's etc.

    The mod envelopes I'd most like to see would be Step Sequencers, (eg. 16 steps), with the option to add slew limiting and glide buttons to make the transitions smoother. You could then use it in a simular fashion to Rebirth's PCF Filter. (Not to mention using it on Pitch to create a 303 Style Sequencer!)

    One of these per part would be nice. (More would be very nice)

    I'm not sure how VC works in cubase, (I'm using Live), but I'm more or less doing this now thru enabling the 3 output 1 input option in the common settings, (this disables the Virus' ability to function as a soundcard, but I have another audio interface I use anyway.)

    In live I send my drum master audio track to the Virus TI Snow plugin channel, then use the 4th part as an Effects channel, (by selecting input L + R as the input in the FX tab), then use the filters, envelope follower and FX to tart-up my drums. Works a treat, I lose 1 synth part, but it's worth it. I don't know what benifit a seperate fx plugin would have, as the current arrangement works fine for me. I can even send the FX channel MIDI information from a Seperate MIDI channel in Live, including CC automation etc, (great for Filter Sequences, and whacked-out tape delay effects!)

    Idea for ‘Rythym Mode’ (Common Patch setting)

    This idea would allow a single patch to be used like an 8-part drum machine, kinda like a 909 on steroids. It’s a pretty major feature request, but if it was released in an update, many bricks would be shat, it would also allow Snow TI users to use the virus for drums without having to sacrifice most/all of their timbral parts.

    Selecting this feature, (within the common menu) would allow separate envelope, filter envelope and osc settings to be mapped to 8 octaves. Each octave could then be used to create a drum patch, (eg; octave 1 = Kick, octave 2 = Hats etc). The KEYFOLLOW mod source could then be used to modulate parameters within the octaves, for example, it could be used to modulate the delay time of a kick drum, so that C1 gives a long 808 style kick, while B1 gives a short sharp ‘poppy’ kick.

    I understand that the envelope assignments would be a problem when, for example, a kick drum is playing in the same instance as a hi-hat, perhaps producing envelopes that use an average of simultaneous values would be a work-around. It would not sound like an authentic drum machine, but it could produce sound really wild hybrid rhythm sounds. (Market it that as a feature, not a compromise!)

    This feature would also be useful for creating a broad range of blips, zaps and sweeps to be used on a single part.

    I know it’s a huge ask, but, you know, it would be pretty sweet! :thumbsup: