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    Three months silence in this topic....

    How does the MysteryIslands solution works for you guys?

    Is that a way to go? If I would choose that method, I don't know how to recall the old projects.

    We are still sucking on a four year old OS, and can not be able to update due to only one thing. Unbelievable.

    It would be great if Mr Kemper would say/do something.

    Feature request:

    - as listed above

    - some great functions from Elektron Overbridge, for eg.: Total Integration (audio over USB, etc...)

    - the parts could be routed into different channels in the daw (so we can put different effects onto them)

    - graphical eq on each part

    - MORE DSP POWER! Ok, if the desktop has 16 part, but it crashes after tow, and not able to handle more at the same time. Todays technology is way more ahead, there are more powerful chips, so I don't understand why not to put 4-8 into the synth...

    - ability to use TI as an fx in the daw. It would be nice if I can put it onto an other rack to use it's reverb for eg.

    I am still on Mojave, and beside the lack of power, TI works perfectly (expect when there are buffer or sample rate problems..., but a restart solve them).

    This synth sounds amazing, no other hard or soft I could mention on this level, but when it comes to usability... I don't remember when I was able to use more than two part at the same time.

    This gear is the only thing in the studio that hold me back from upgrading os.

    Anyone on Catalina or Big Sur tried Sound Radix 32 Lives?