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    That is a very vague reply in typical Access fashion.. Sounds like they don't wanna bring up that you probably have a defective unit that needs to be replaced within warranty.

    I also have a TI2 Desktop and I have the USB cable plugged in at all times.. I also use Logic and I never have the problem you describe.

    Maybe it's your Mac but I doubt it.. To rule this out I'd suggest trying it on another PC or Mac, see if the problem persists.


    yeah, it’s strange, and I agree, it does seem that they don’t want me to return it, though, I bought it from MusicStore, so I assume that’s not their issue.

    I also thought it might be my MIDI keyboard (Impulse), or my Audio Interface (Scarlett), but it could be a lot of things, I can almost certainly exclude those.

    The audition button does produce a sound, so that makes me doubt especially.

    Another reply from them

    "The moment a Virus TI unit is connected to a computer via USB, its Midi ports act like a Midi interface, so the Midi in port would not send Midi signals to the TI's sound engine. That is actually by design and you need to unplug the USB cable to be able to use it like a regular hardware synth."

    I also found this:

    Is there really no way to exit USB mode?

    Among other, actually quite a lot, USB related threads.

    Some sent their unit back but had the same problems with the new one.

    I want to make really sure first, but that reply from them just seems lazy.

    I have a new MacBook, but I have to buy some USB adaptors first, I’ll test it out then.

    But with Catalina installed. So that’s probably another source of frustration I rather not have right now. It’s a difficult year.

    Thanks again for your input.

    This an issue with Local control. Both of my TI units do this. Go to the config mode and look for Local Control and turn it on, problem solved.

    Note: You'll have to do this every time you start up your TI.


    Thanks for your reply, but I’m using a desktop module, so there’s no Local Control in that menu.

    I’ve tried just about everything, also on my MIDI keyboard, but the only thing that works is unplugging the USB cable.

    I tried contacting the support team again.

    This was the reply:

    The moment the TI is connected via USB to a computer, its Midi ports act basically like a Midi interface, so signals on its Midi in port are not send to the TI's sound engine anymore, but to any DAW that is loaded. And the TI plugin indeed has to switch the unit into SEQUENCER MODE (not Multimode) since this is the only mode the plugin works with the TI here.
    There's no setting you can change on your master keyboard that would influence this at all.

    It’s not the end of the world for me, but I don’t have these issues with my other synths.

    The Virus is not without flaws, but I love it though.

    Reply OneNationAbove What makes you decide you have to reconnect your USB cable all the time? Because what you're describing is definitely not normal.. I can leave my Virus TI turned on and connected for days without any problems. Sometimes I even forget to turn it off at night and continue using it the next day never having turned it off. If yours can't do that it probably has faulty motherboard. Return/Exchange it while you still can.

    I don’t need to disconnect the power, I can leave it on or in standby without a problem, but if I want to use it outside of Logic I have to remove the USB cable for some reason or I won’t hear a single sound.

    According to Access Support this is because it’s a class compliant issue, and according to them, normal.

    This was their reply:

    We cannot answer this to be honest, but we can only assume that this might be caused by the TI not using class compliant Midi drivers due to the Total Integration, which other device use, since there it is only for Midi I/O.

    But I don’t know what I should think of that.

    Midi via USB still works in Catalina and Big Sur btw. :-)

    Sorry for asking a dumb question, but I’m very cautious at this point, I just bought a new TI2 some weeks ago and the USB connection has been a real cause of frustration for me so far.

    And I have been staying away from Catalina so far. Still on Mojave.

    I only have two questions I hope you or someone else could answer.

    But the first is already answered, all I want is to use the TI2 in Logic through MIDI, if I can do that I’d be happy, I don’t need the plug-in, I just bounce it to audio as I would with any other synth.

    But I was wondering if it’s normal that I have to connect and disconnect the USB every time I switch between Logic and standalone?

    Access’s answer was that it’s a class compliant issue and they’re not sure themselves why this happens.

    If Logic is not active (and also not sending MIDI routed to Virus Synth) I have to unplug the USB cable. It’s all connected to a Scarlett audio interface, sound is not the issue, just MIDI.

    I hope you could answer this.

    With other synths that was never an issue.

    Reading all this is pretty nauseating...

    I just bought a new TI2 a few weeks ago... luckily haven’t updated to Catalina, or Big Sur due to compatibility issues with both plug-ins and Maschine, and now I still can’t update because my Virus would be basically useless since I want to use MIDI.

    And my computer is getting old, a 2012 iMac. So a new one will have Big Sur pre installed, and downgrading will probably not go well. And honestly, who wants that anyway?

    I had a lot of problems using USB from the start too, and the plug-in worked for a while, but now that malfunctions as well.

    Some USB problems (like loud distorted noise) only went away by changing ports (on the computer), but I can’t use USB if I’m not in Logic and send MIDI to Virus Synth, I have to unplug the USB before I can use it through the analog outputs. But that’s not such a big deal for me.Just a small nuisance.

    Most people (like me) don’t read these forums before buying a Virus, the synth is quite legendary so people rightfully assume the customer support is top notch too, (Novation and Native Instruments are great) but even the support sucks, they leave about 24 hours between replies, and honestly are pretty cold and not very helpful.

    The biggest downside of this is that I really love my Virus, I love programming it (on the hardware), I love the sound, and personally don’t have issues with the interface either, it’s orderly and intuitively enough for me. And it’s just pretty to look at, it’s a beauty.Even with all its flaws I really love it.

    Not being able to use MIDI in my DAW would make this synth useless for me though.

    I really hope someone could find a way eventually, I don’t think Access has any plans, the last update version is old as hell too. Feels really shady. But maybe...

    When I play my Virus, standalone, there's a rich wide stereo effect, some sounds go in waves from left to right.

    When I open up an audio track in Logic, select outputs 1-2, and record the sound, the stereo effect is completely lacking, and it sounds thin.

    I've tried to replicate this by putting the 1-2 inputs in Focusrite Control on separate input fields, instead of 1-2, I put 1 and 2 separately, as shown in the attachments, and when I record that it creates the same sound that I hear on my recorded audio tracks.There's no smooth waves going from left to right, it's all compacted to one pretty monophonic sounding sound.

    Can anyone explain what the problem is here please?

    Logic inputs are on 1-2, so I assume it'll record it like that, but apparently not.

    Hope someone can help me out.

    Thank you.

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