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    What would be a good starting point for volume balance with multi programs?

    I mean, there’s the Virus Master volume and then Patch Volume and Part volume. Any recommendation on how to set the levels of them all to avoid clipping and have best performance?

    Hi, I have already sent a ticket to support, but just in case somebody run into this issue before:

    When I power on my Snow, If it’s in multi mode, the loaded patch won’t send sound to audio outputs. Can see it’s getting midi in, but no sound. As soon as I change to another patch, sound starts, then I can change back to my first patch and it works ok.

    Another way to make it work is changing from multi mode to single mode. Then single mode does sound, and I can change it back to multi, and will keep sending sound. If I power it off while in single mode, when powering on again it will start in single mode and with no issues (I can change to multi, and works fine)

    Is this normal behavior? Am I missing something in the configuration? Btw, happens with midi DIN, with an Octatrack or a keystep connected to input. Also if I play with the Audition button sound is sent to output, but midi received is still not sounding