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    I know that CK's attention has been turned to the Kemper Profiler over the last decade, but I understand that the TI/TI2 DSP chips are ending production very soon, which would mean no more TI2 produced, or something has to happen.

    It would be a shame to see the whole iconic Virus line disappear into the history books. I don't know if the rise of soft synths makes high-end hardware an unviable proposition in the long term future, but other manufacturers seem to still carry on.

    +1 for me also

    Just bough a TI2, but in Cubase 11, the GUI is very small and unusable.

    This is particularly disappointing because Virus Control is to be my main way of using the TI.

    Although I found a make gui resizeable option in Cubase, this doesn't display correctly. You have to keep opening/closing the plugin to refresh the display areas.

    My only option is to turn off HiDPI in Cubase (which is a major step backwards), or put up with having to continually open/close the plugin.