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    It’s on 5.1.7. I bought this virus used. Could you physically take out the Ram? I wasn’t able to save anything and someone suggested the internal battery could be low. So I opened it up and it didn’t even have one in there. I put one in and now it save but there isn’t as many banks as there should be. Thanks for your help!

    Hi Maybe I’m not understanding this right but when I scroll threw the Virus TI ‘s Ram banks it only goes from Ram A to D and Rom A and B. Isn’t it supposed to go up to T? I bought it used, could I be missing hardware?

    Thanks for replying to my question. Yeah I think that has to be the problem. No, nothing is saving right now.

    I have a old MC-909 synth, it must have a similar internal battery, right? Would you recommend replacing that to before it dies? I would lose everything.

    Please let me know if there is something I can do to fix this.

    I recently purchased a used virus TI and I am unable to save in multi mode. I followed the direction in the manual and press store, I can see the name of the multi mode has saved and it looks like it was successfully saved but then when I power down the Virus it hasn’t saved. I updated it twice it's running on 5.1.7. Am I missing something or is there an issue with the synth? I don't know if this is related but every time I connect it to my computer to use it with the Virus software it has to sync, and initialize it takes about 15 minutes. Thanks Y’all!