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    Hey Feelda, you mentioned in your first post that you prefer to use vst effects. I was wondering if you have figured a way to use vst effects on individual parts when using the virus control. For instance, I would like to sidechain a pad on part 1/channel 1 of the virus but not the bass on part 2/channel 2. I can only place the compressor on the main virus control plug-in and it applies the effect to both parts/channels. Any suggestions?

    I've never tried this but I believe there is a way to do this... This would apply for ableton live: insert new audio channel and route audio from the particular VC part you wanna use the effect for. (eg: AUDIO FROM: VIRUS TI SYNTH CH1)... I know this works for some VST synths that have a multichannel capability but to be honest I do not know if that works for virus control as well... It depends how the virus TI handles audio... Maybe you want to mess around with the output settings in VC and see if you can set up multiple audio out channels for certain midi channels and then route the audio from these to your different VST effects. I'm at work as I'm typing this so I can not try it out but you check it out and see if that works... I will so do as well if I don't forget :-)

    Hey guys,

    I don't know whether this has been already posted or not but...
    How many of you have experienced awful latency when using TI as VST instrument (via Virus Control) when playing on 3 and more midi channels? I'm able to put down 3 or 4 midi channels with pretty basic sounds (no effects, because I prefer to use VST effects) and not too dense arrangements, and when recording 4th channel, the latency is nearly 1 second. My sound interface is most of the time set to the latency of 128 samples (Echo Audiofire6), TI's output is set to basic L + R (no surround) - I've read on some forums this may help to get rid of the latency...

    Sometimes I feel very frustrated and I rather use midi in/out and audio line out instead of using Virus as a VST instruments via USB. It's just that it is more convenient to load/edit/tweak sounds in Virus Control.

    TI's OS is updated, everything else is up to date as well (audio interface firmware, host software, computer's os...) so I don't know what am I doing wrong here...

    Computer is Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz running Leopard and Ableton Live 7.

    Don't make me sell my beautiful Polar and use VST synths instead... :-)

    Please help