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    Disclaimer: I don’t know the Virus C and am just guessing based on knowledge about the TI. Also, I don’t know why you have a left and right value.

    It seems you’re in Multi Mode. Could it be that you are not editing the Part you are listening to?

    no worries and thank you for the help and suggestions! Just have single mode a try, unfortunately the issue carries over and in single mode everything looks and reacts the same

    yeah I didn’t include sound with the video trying to make it just a small gif to upload here directly but couldn’t get it small enough. I wasn’t doing anything but turning knobs with some fan noise in the background anyways ahah

    no mention of a knob target setting in the virus c manual, but I do have a knob mode setting as mentioned above and shown in the video (the last bit where I navigated to show it was on jump mode). I’ve tried every mode and they all have the same results in not having an impact to the value. Here is another demonstration of the issue with the knob mode still set to jump. Here you can see the value reacting to the knob turning, but it never seems to lock in and actually have an impact (the number to the left never changes, number to the right is showing the knob functioning, but releasing the knob or playing the patch while adjusting the knob has no impact and the value never actually changes)

    Hi there, I bought this synth off my manager (who also doesn't really understand most of how the synth works) and have been loving it, except every time I try and turn a knob, the value does not seem to change. Some knobs do seem to allow me to adjust the value, but every time I stop turning the knob the value does not seem to change. I have looked through the manual multiple times trying to figure things out for myself but haven't had any luck; The option I thought would save the day was adjusting the knob modes on page 46, but unfortunately all the modes have the same result in not changing the value, Here is a video of my issue: Any input would be greatly appreciated!